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Property Management: Read best practices, tactics, strategies, and more for solid property management that keeps tenants and investors happy: when should you handle projects on your own? When's the right time to hire a property management company? How is commercial real estate appraised? How do you prepare commercial property for sale by owner? How do you foster tenant loyalty and manage tenant credit risk?

Optimizing Your Flex Industrial Property for Maximum ROI

Published: 05-09-24    By: Luke Williams

Navigating Utility Access and Connection Costs for Commercial Land

Published: 04-23-24    By: Luke Williams

Car Wash Cash Flow: Analyzing Financial Performance

Published: 04-04-24    By: Luke Williams

Tunnel Vision vs. Open Air: Deciding on the Right Car Wash Design for Your Property

Published: 04-02-24    By: Luke Williams

Renovating Horse Properties for Quick Resale

Published: 03-08-24    By: Luke Williams

Navigating Legal and Licensing Requirements for Retail-Residential Properties

Published: 02-09-24    By: Luke Williams

Amenities That Every Storefront Property Needs

Published: 01-16-24    By: Luke Williams

Navigating Washington State's Commercial Zoning Laws

Published: 11-09-23    By: Luke Williams

Retail Showroom Properties: Where Shopping Meets Experience

Published: 10-20-23    By: Luke Williams

Real Estate Considerations for Aspiring Auto Shop Owners

Published: 09-20-23    By: Luke Williams

How to Own a Gas Station: Going Beyond Fuel Sales

Published: 09-11-23    By: Luke Williams

Cold Storage Warehouse Uses, Types, & Costs

Published: 08-21-23    By: Luke Williams

Landlord’s Guide to Apartment Renovation

Published: 12-23-22    By: Luke Williams

For Beginners: Commercial Property Management and Upkeep

Published: 05-11-22    By: Luke Williams

What Is a Reasonable Tenant Improvement Allowance?

Published: 04-21-22    By: Luke Williams

The Ins and Outs of Preparing Commercial Property for Sale by Owner

Published: 02-17-22    By: Luke Williams

A Real Walkthrough of the Commercial Real Estate Appraisal

Published: 12-15-21    By: Luke Williams

A Guide to Hiring Your First Property Management Company

Published: 10-21-21    By: Luke Williams

5 Ways to Attract New Commercial Tenants

Published: 08-12-21    By: Luke Williams

What Are Co-Tenancy Clauses? Are They Bad for Retail Space Agreements?

Published: 08-10-21    By: Luke Williams

How to Manage Tenant Credit Risk

Published: 08-09-21    By: Luke Williams

7 Steps to Fostering Tenant Loyalty With Innovative Building Technologies

Published: 08-03-21    By: Luke Williams