MyEListing Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

An account is not required to search for properties or use our Market Intelligence. An account is required to create/add listings, save favorites, and set email alerts. Other features in the future will also require an account. We have plans to fit any budget - so sign up today!
No. Other than you getting to keep a lot more cash in your pocket, there is no catch, trickery, rate increases, or hidden charges. Free CRE listings. Free demographics on each listing. Free Marketing Intelligence.

Commercial Listing and Search Pricing

Depending on whether you select the Free Trial, or one of the Silver, Gold or Platinum Listing plans, the monthly costs to list and search commercial real estate would vary between $0 and Free (including all applicable taxes and fees). Each plan comes with it's own set of features, and each set of features is exactly the same.
For listings, we accept gratitude, Social Media shares, and word-of-mouth referrals - with absolutely no processing fees! But most importantly, we ask that you support the vendors that appear on the listing pages and throughout the website. It is those vendors that enable us to provide the listing services that we do for free.
That's easy. No Dear John letters. No "it's over" text messages. Just delete your commercial real estate listings and walk away. Then, while we know it will be much harder without, continue trying to live each day to it's fullest.
Everything you get for free now, will remain free. It's that simple. We will offer additional services in the future that may not be free. Any paid services will be completely optional and will not affect your placement in the search results.

CRE Listing Review and Approvals

All commercial real estate listing types. All prices, property types, for sale, for lease, etc.
Most listings will be approved within 1 business day, however it can take up to 4 business days depending on the influx of listings.
Any listing that violates our instructional guidelines and/or terms & conditions, or is incomplete/invalid, will not be approved. Please EDIT the listing to verify that all required information is provided, and that all guidelines were followed.
Listings that are a gross violation of our guidelines and terms will be denied. If you believe that your listing was denied in error, please contact us and reference the Listing ID#.
In order to maintain listing integrity, any edits to a listing, will again require it to be reviewed/approved. Yes, it's a vicious cycle.

Commerical Listing Placement

In the interest of keeping the playing field level, vs selling placement to the highest bidder like the other guys, all results are based on only the criteria searched for, and are ordered with the most recently-added/most recently-refreshed listings first. We feel this system gives everyone an equal chance at high placement in the commercial real estate space.
You are able to "refresh" each listing once its been over 60 days since it was added or last refreshed. This is easily done via the My Listings page. The page shows how many days remain for each listing if it's been less than 60 days. Simply click the Refresh button, once it becomes available, to get your listing back to the "top" - until another listing is added or refreshed.
The listing will slowly drop in placement until it gets near the end. How far away from the top this is depends on how many results there are in the search and how many of them have been refreshed recently. 10 results? Your listing will still be seen. 500 results? Probably not.
The short answer is no. The long answer? Well, no. All results are listed in the order of most-recently added, or refreshed, first. That is all there is. Nothing else.
Sure you could. But that would be violating our Terms and Conditions. Any attempts to gain an unfair advantage, or to game the system, would not be permitted.