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Market Intelligence

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So when you have questions like these, you can find the answers right here!:

  1. What is the average lease price in Austin for Office space between 1,000 and 3,000 SF?
  2. What is the average price per square foot for industrial buildings in the zip code 75214?
  3. How much is an average Office building listed for, that’s around 5,000 SF, in Houston?

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Traffic Counts

In addition to the free Demographics provided now on each listing, Traffic Counts will be coming soon (FOR FREE!) on every listing as well. What we can give y’all right now is free public links to sites with traffic counts.

Here is the one for Texas:

TxDOT Transportation Planning Maps

If you aren’t in Texas, the site with all the traffic count data for your state should be easily found via Google:

Just simply search: “how to find traffic counts in (insert state)” and it is usually at the top!

And if you haven’t heard this from us 1,000 times!: why are you still paying to list, and find properties and data!?!?!

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