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The initial map is restricted to the boundaries of the City, State, County or Zip that you search. Any subsequent adjustments to the map (zoom in/zoom out) will update the results to reflect what is only in the current map view. The results include listings within your parameters, and up to 50 comps will be displayed at once. If less than 50 results are shown, you could try widening your search criteria and/or zooming out on the map to get more results. If 50 results are shown, you can zoom in on the map to target a smaller area.
So, when you have questions like these, you can find the answers right here!
  • What is the average lease price in Austin for Office space between 1,000 and 3,000 SF?
  • What is the average price per square foot for industrial buildings in the zip code 75214?
  • How much is an average Office building listed for, that's around 5,000 SF, in Houston?
  • What is the average retail leased for in this 100-yard area?