CRE News & Updates

Real Estate Entitlement Process

by MyEListing Editor | 2020-11-16

Undeveloped land must go through a real estate entitlement process with local regulatory agencies and the community at large before development can begin

Tenant Improvement Allowance Reimbursement

by MyEListing Editor | 2019-09-23

Commercial property landlords will frequently offer extra incentives to bring in new tenants in the form of a tenant improvement allowance reimbursement, also known as a TI allowance.

5 Common Challenges for Co-working Facilities

by MyEListing Editor | 2019-10-15

The office workplace is continually being updated to fit the needs of todays workers and employers, many of whom are

Common Area Maintenance Fees

by MyEListing Editor | 2020-10-12

When creating a budget to rent a commercial property for office or retail business, it is important to include all expenses related to the rental space, including common area maintenance (CAM) costs beyond monthly rent payments.

Houston Coworking Space for Women

by MyEListing Editor | 2020-06-02

Two entrepreneurs in Houston have created the city`s first coworking space designed and operated specifically for female professionals in the workforce. Meredith Wheeler and Maggie Segrich offer a valuable service for working women in

Top Tips for Getting the Perfect Property Listing Photos

by MyEListing Editor | 2019-10-24

Determining the most effective methods and the best time of day to take pictures for property listings can mean the difference between