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10 Ways to Make Money in Commercial Real Estate

Published: 02-03-23    By: Luke Williams

How to Select the Best Lender to Fund Your CRE Project

Published: 01-26-23    By: Luke Williams

Everything You Need to Know About Property Loans, Interest Rates, & Amortization

Published: 12-22-22    By: Luke Williams

For Beginners: Assembling the Right Commercial Real Estate Investment Team

Published: 11-23-22    By: Luke Williams

For Beginners: Effective Tax Strategies for Commercial Real Estate Investing

Published: 11-16-22    By: Luke Williams

How Accredited Investors Can Leverage the Benefits of Delaware Statutory Trusts

Published: 11-15-22    By: Luke Williams

Is Buying Commercial Land a Good Investment?

Published: 11-02-22    By: Luke Williams

The Do’s and Don’ts of Buying Commercial Property for Sale

Published: 10-28-22    By: Luke Williams

How to Work With Dual Agent Brokers as a CRE Investor

Published: 10-17-22    By: Luke Williams

Guide to Buying Rental Property in Atlanta, GA

Published: 10-11-22    By: Luke Williams

Buying a Hotel for Sale in Chicago

Published: 10-07-22    By: Luke Williams

Is San Francisco’s Commercial Real Estate Market on the Verge of Collapse?

Published: 09-23-22    By: Luke Williams

Is Owning a Car Wash a Good Investment?

Published: 09-20-22    By: Luke Williams

US Industrial Property Values Driven By Global Forces

Published: 08-16-22    By: Luke Williams

How Do Interest Rates Affect CRE Investing?

Published: 06-28-22    By: Luke Williams

Guide to Buying Rental Properties With Existing Tenants

Published: 06-27-22    By: Luke Williams

For Beginners: Buying Your First Plot of Commercial Land

Published: 06-22-22    By: Luke Williams

What Is Commercial Land? How Do You Buy It?

Published: 06-16-22    By: Luke Williams

What Does It Mean to Buy Commercial Property for Sale?

Published: 06-15-22    By: Luke Williams

What Is Commercial Real Estate Investing?

Published: 06-14-22    By: Luke Williams

2022 Multifamily Market Report: Tampa

Published: 06-13-22    By: Luke Williams

2022 Multifamily Market Report: Nashville

Published: 06-10-22    By: Luke Williams

2022 Multifamily Market Report: Charleston

Published: 06-09-22    By: Luke Williams

2022 Multifamily Market Report: Miami

Published: 06-09-22    By: Luke Williams

2022 Multifamily Market Report: Atlanta

Published: 06-08-22    By: Luke Williams

5 Most Expensive Cities to Buy Commercial Real Estate in 2022

Published: 06-07-22    By: Luke Williams

2022 Multifamily Market Report: Charlotte

Published: 06-03-22    By: Luke Williams

2022 Multifamily Market Report: New York City

Published: 06-02-22    By: Luke Williams

2022 Multifamily Market Report: Seattle

Published: 06-01-22    By: Luke Williams

2022 Multifamily Market Report: San Francisco

Published: 05-31-22    By: Luke Williams

2022 Multifamily Market Report: Las Vegas

Published: 05-30-22    By: Luke Williams

Investor’s Guide to Mixed-Use Developments

Published: 05-05-22    By: Luke Williams

For Beginners: Ways to Finance Your First Commercial Real Estate Investment

Published: 05-04-22    By: Luke Williams

10 Most Expensive States for Commercial Real Estate in the US

Published: 05-03-22    By: Luke Williams

10 Most Affordable States to Buy Commercial Real Estate

Published: 05-02-22    By: Luke Williams

Investor Checklist for Buying Commercial Space

Published: 04-29-22    By: Luke Williams

Investor’s Guide to Special Purpose Real Estate

Published: 04-27-22    By: Luke Williams

The Land Market in Idaho in 2022: Predictions & Forecasts

Published: 04-08-22    By: Luke Williams

The Land Market in Oregon in 2022: Predictions & Forecasts

Published: 04-07-22    By: Luke Williams

6 Steps to Find Your Next Commercial Property

Published: 03-29-22    By: Luke Williams

Buying vs. Renting Retail Space for Your Business

Published: 03-28-22    By: Luke Williams

2022 Farmland Trends in Idaho

Published: 03-25-22    By: Luke Williams

How Net-Leased Properties Generate Passive Income

Published: 03-24-22    By: Luke Williams

7 Steps for Investing in High-Yield Farmland

Published: 03-22-22    By: Luke Williams

6 Revenue-Generating Ideas for Landowners in Florida

Published: 03-18-22    By: Luke Williams

Investor Guide to Buying Warehouses in Florida in 2022

Published: 03-15-22    By: Luke Williams

Will the Multifamily Market in Dallas Keep Surging Into 2022?

Published: 03-14-22    By: Luke Williams

10 Considerations for Investors Buying Land for Sale in Tampa, FL in 2022

Published: 03-11-22    By: Luke Williams

Cracking Open New Land Opportunities in Utah

Published: 03-01-22    By: Luke Williams

Switching Up Your Long-Term Strategy Through Land Loans

Published: 02-28-22    By: Luke Williams

Hotels for Sale in Illinois: Trojan Horses or Unsung Heroes?

Published: 02-24-22    By: Luke Williams

Exploring Land Rights and Acquisition Activity in Texas

Published: 02-23-22    By: Luke Williams

Exploring Land Opportunities in Miami

Published: 02-10-22    By: Luke Williams

Carving Out New CRE Opportunities in Frisco, TX

Published: 02-08-22    By: Luke Williams

Exploring the Details of the SBA Commercial Real Estate Loan

Published: 02-02-22    By: Luke Williams

Watch What the Top Commercial Real Estate Firms Are Buying in 2022

Published: 02-01-22    By: Luke Williams

Navigating Commercial Real Estate Lending in 2022

Published: 01-06-22    By: Luke Williams

Maximizing Your Upcoming Property Search with a Commercial Real Estate Agent

Published: 11-24-21    By: Luke Williams

Why Warehouses Should Be at the Top of Your List in 2022

Published: 11-22-21    By: Luke Williams

3 Unexpected Ways to Buy Commercial Real Estate

Published: 11-18-21    By: Luke Williams

Making the Most out of Commercial Real Estate ETF Opportunities

Published: 11-16-21    By: Luke Williams

Are Commercial Real Estate Interest Rates Overdue for an Increase?

Published: 11-15-21    By: Luke Williams

Exploring the Best CRE Loans for Your Portfolio

Published: 11-08-21    By: Luke Williams

Maximizing Commercial Real Estate Loan Rates For Your Upcoming Portfolio Expansion

Published: 11-07-21    By: Luke Williams

Why Commercial Real Estate Investing Is the Perfect Arena for 2022 (And Beyond)

Published: 11-06-21    By: Luke Williams

Leveraging Commercial Real Estate Companies for Fast Portfolio Expansion

Published: 11-03-21    By: Luke Williams

Using a Commercial Real Estate Inspector to Improve Future Purchases

Published: 11-01-21    By: Luke Williams

How to Leverage Commercial Real Estate Loans for New Investment Projects

Published: 10-29-21    By: Luke Williams

Using a 1031 Exchange to Take Advantage of Rental Properties for Sale

Published: 10-27-21    By: Luke Williams

Motels Are Starting to Recover in 2022. Here Is How to Invest.

Published: 10-22-21    By: Luke Williams

How Landowners Can Leverage Mississippi’s Recovering Timber Market

Published: 10-20-21    By: Luke Williams

Why Land in Sioux Falls, SD Is a Profitable CRE Investment in 2022

Published: 10-19-21    By: Luke Williams

4 Ways to Make Money with Ranch Land in New Mexico

Published: 10-13-21    By: Luke Williams

Using a Land Contract to Buy Land for Sale in Washington

Published: 10-11-21    By: Luke Williams

Outlay Costs for an Agriculture Business in South Carolina

Published: 10-10-21    By: Luke Williams

Car Washes: The Hidden Commercial Real Estate Gem of 2022

Published: 10-07-21    By: Luke Williams

Finding Profitable Mobile Home Parks for Sale in South Carolina

Published: 10-06-21    By: Luke Williams

What COVID-19 Means for Restaurant Investors

Published: 10-05-21    By: Luke Williams

How to Invest in Self-Storage Units for Sale in Sacramento, CA

Published: 10-04-21    By: Luke Williams

The Investor Guide to Gas Stations

Published: 10-03-21    By: Luke Williams

Flipping Hotels for Sale in Chicago in 2022

Published: 10-02-21    By: Luke Williams

What You Should Know About Buying Land for Sale in Virginia

Published: 10-01-21    By: Luke Williams

Is Alabama a Good Place to Buy Land?

Published: 09-30-21    By: Luke Williams

Tips for Buying a Bar for Sale in Phoenix, AZ

Published: 09-29-21    By: Luke Williams

How to Profitably Invest in RV Parks & Campgrounds in Utah

Published: 09-28-21    By: Luke Williams

Why West Virginia Land Is a Profitable Investment in 2022

Published: 09-26-21    By: Luke Williams

Utah’s Booming Economy Welcomed Land Investors in 2021

Published: 09-25-21    By: Luke Williams

Values of Land for Sale in Michigan Rose in 2021

Published: 09-24-21    By: Luke Williams

Benefits to Buying Land for Sale in Kentucky in 2022

Published: 09-20-21    By: Luke Williams

Buying Land for Sale in Oklahoma After McGirt v. Oklahoma

Published: 09-19-21    By: Luke Williams

Buying & Selling Land in Idaho: Tips for Investors & Brokers

Published: 09-17-21    By: Luke Williams

Arizona Land Saw Record Affordability in 2021

Published: 09-16-21    By: Luke Williams

Peachy Profits: Buying Land for Sale in Georgia in 2022

Published: 09-15-21    By: Luke Williams

Top 5 Counties to Buy Land for Sale in Florida in 2022

Published: 09-13-21    By: Luke Williams

Evaluating Commercial Real Estate Deals

Published: 09-12-21    By: Luke Williams

A Guide to Buying Land for Sale in Montana

Published: 09-10-21    By: Luke Williams

Is Buying Land for Sale in Colorado a Good Investment?

Published: 09-09-21    By: Luke Williams

A Basic Guide to Buying Commercial Property for Sale

Published: 09-08-21    By: Luke Williams

Farmers Need More Investors to Buy Land for Sale in PA

Published: 09-07-21    By: Luke Williams

Buy Land for Sale in North Carolina with Little Money

Published: 09-06-21    By: Luke Williams

Prime Parcels: 4 Reasons to Buy Land for Sale in Oregon in 2021

Published: 09-03-21    By: Luke Williams

The Investor’s Guide to Buying a Church for Sale

Published: 09-02-21    By: Luke Williams

Investing from Scratch: Finding Buildings for Sale Near You

Published: 09-01-21    By: Luke Williams

3 Steps to Buy Land for Sale in Texas

Published: 08-25-21    By: Luke Williams

Good demographics make for good decisions

Published: 08-24-21    By: Luke Williams

Differences between Investing in Residential and Commercial Real Estate

Published: 08-23-21    By: Luke Williams

Investing in Denver, CO Apartment Buildings in 2021

Published: 08-20-21    By: Luke Williams

Five Approaches to Evaluating Value of a Commercial Real Estate Property

Published: 08-18-21    By: Luke Williams

A Mini Guide to the Commercial Industrial Warehouse Market

Published: 08-17-21    By: Luke Williams

Even with a Sluggish Economy, the Commercial Real Estate Market in Boston is Booming

Published: 08-07-21    By: Luke Williams

How to Purchase Commercial Real Estate Property in Philadelphia, PA

Published: 08-06-21    By: Luke Williams

The Increasing Demand for Health Care and Medical Properties

Published: 08-02-21    By: Luke Williams

The Riches Are in the Niches: Look to Campgrounds for High Yield Returns

Published: 07-30-21    By: Luke Williams

Investing In Commercial Real Estate: The Anti-Fear Mindset

Published: 07-26-21    By: Luke Williams