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3 Steps to Buy Land for Sale in Texas

by MyEListing Staff | 2021-08-25

Texas`s abundance of warm weather and spacious acreage have drawn millions of Americans to settle their boots in the Lone Star state. If you’re one ...


Differences between Investing in Residential and Commercial Real Estate

by MyEListing Staff | 2021-08-23

A major difference between investing in residential real estate versus investing in commercial real estate lies in cost of entry. While, as a new investor, you can ...


Investing in Denver, CO Apartment Buildings in 2021

by MyEListing Staff | 2021-08-20

Now is a great time to purchase an apartment building for sale in Denver, CO: The single-family housing market in Denver saw a 20% ...


Five Approaches to Evaluating Value of a Commercial Real Estate Property

by MyEListing Staff | 2021-08-18

Regardless of the asset type, both sellers and purchasers must eventually confront the question, "How much does it cost?" A response to this ...


How to Purchase Commercial Real Estate Property in Philadelphia, PA

by MyEListing Staff | 2021-08-06

After hours of research, you’ve finally committed to the idea of investing in commercial real estate in Philadelphia, PA. But how exactly do you go ...


The Increasing Demand for Health Care and Medical Properties

by MyEListing Staff | 2021-08-02

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the economy and health care operations in many ways. To stop the spread of the coronavirus, many people ...


The Riches Are in the Niches: Look to Campgrounds for High Yield Returns

by MyEListing Staff | 2021-07-30

Commercial real estate investors are always seeking unicorns, those magical undeveloped acres they can turn into high-yielding properties. Traditionally ...


Investing In Commercial Real Estate: The Anti-Fear Mindset

by MyEListing Staff | 2021-07-26

Do you want to discover what it takes to be successful investing in commercial real estate? Then you want to find out about the anti-fear mindset ...