Top Tips for Getting the Perfect Property Listing Photos

Determining the most effective methods and the best time of day to take pictures for property listings can mean the difference between finding a buyer or not. Taking clear, dynamic real estate photos will give you the best chance to draw attention to the property to make the sale.

Tips for Avoiding Bad Real Estate Photos
Use Your House as a Guide

Walk around your own house and ask yourself how you would like it to be represented in real estate photos to draw interested buyers. Take some photos of your own rooms and see how they look on a computer or mobile device, which is how potential buyers will see them. Consider it a practice run for the real thing to offer you a chance to get better, more dynamic photos.

Weather, Time of Day Matters

It is worth the effort to wait for a clear day to take your real estate photos for a property listing. Pick the best time of day to take pictures that will highlight the exterior and interior elements of the home. You may need to shoot pictures at different times throughout the day to take the best advantage of the sun and shadows to get compelling photos.

Enhance Curb Appeal

One sign of bad real estate photos is using images of a messy and unkempt home exterior. It is important to take the time to make sure the outside of the home looks neat, clean, and well-maintained. These real estate photos will be the only chance to make a great first impression to get buyers interested in the home.

Reduce Lived-In Look

Property listing photos should give prospective buyers an idea of what it will be like to live in the home with their family, not yours. Leaving personal belonging and knickknacks on the shelves and dressers will only serve to distract the viewer from highlighting the home and its features. Remove all clutter, excess furniture, and personal artifacts to make the home look neat and tidy.

See the Light

Natural light is the best way to get clear, sharp, dynamic real estate photos. Use the sun’s rays to your advantage with interior and exterior shots lit by Mother Nature.

Get the Right Angle

The goal of property listing photos is to show each room in its most appealing form. Odd angles or attempts to get artistic with the composition of the photo will take away from showcasing the home. A good guideline is to photograph rooms with three of the walls framed in the photo to provide depth to the space instead of focusing on specific characteristics or pieces.

Rely on Editing As Little As Possible

Photoshop is a great tool to crop, sharpen, or brighten up images. Relying too heavily on post-production techniques will make the photos look fake or staged. Adjust the settings and lighting before taking the real estate photos with as little editing as possible.

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