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Did you know?

... Half of the state of Wyoming is owned by the government.

... Wyoming was the first state to allow women the right to vote.

Wyoming is vast, sparsely populated, and a rancher’s paradise. Agriculture is at the heart of Wyoming, and land conservation efforts are also a top priority of the government. The state is home to just 576,851 people. Wyoming’s median household income is $62,268, putting it firmly in 19th place.

While there aren’t many people in Wyoming, the state is still economically strong. Major employers in the area include Sierra Trading Post, Cloud Peak Energy, the University of Wyoming, Sheridan College, Walmart, Pioneer Credit Recovery, and Morton Salt.

An incredible attraction of Wyoming is the Museum of Flight and Aerial Firefighting, an entire museum devoted to how fires are handled from the air. The museum educates the public on the types of airplanes used, the fire retardant systems used, and how these airplanes are preserved for research. With wildfires being on the rise in the Western U.S., this museum makes it clear that studying aerial firefighting is more important than ever before.

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