What Commercial Design Trends Are Currently In Right Now?

Have you ever felt like you work better if you like the space you’re in? You aren’t alone if you feel this way. A majority of people feel and perform better statistically if they are in a well-designed work environment. That’s why it is crucial to get the design right in your commercial building. Read below to find the top commercial design trends that are in right now!

Listing Core Values

Having your core values listed in the building, where everyone can see them is a popular idea in commercial design today. Showcasing your business’s core values is aesthetically pleasing to the eyes and inspirational to your employees. It’s a huge help, in the middle of a tough workday, to look up and be reminded of why you’re doing what you are. Make sure the core values are something everyone agrees on, and beyond that, something that is inspirational and motivating for your employees. Get them excited to be at work! When employees feel inspired and motivated to work, they work harder and produce better results.

A Spacious Feel

No one enjoys being crammed in a tight, bland cubicle all day. Not only can it be depressing to spend most of your day and week in the same small square of space, but it’s not a space that evokes creative thinking. Some designs choose to have a completely open office layout, where walls or dividers separate no one. Though this may be the perfect, open concept for some, it’s not always the most practical of options. Especially in larger companies, it might be more useful to create individual spaces for your employees that have an open feel to them, without actually being wide open. This can be done with many windows, the color paint that’s used, having landscape pictures or mirrors on the wall, along with many other visual tools to create a spacious effect. Whatever you choose to do, the goal is to make your employees feel like they have a lot of room with which to spend their days.

Cozy & Comfortable

Employees love the comfort and feel of being in their own home. Although for many, working remotely isn’t an option, their workspace can still have the same comfort and coziness. Chairs, desks, and community rooms should all have a comfortable feel to them. Cushiony chairs, bright and happy colors, as well as employee-decorated desks, are all options to make their space feel cozier. Choosing softer, yellow light bulbs over the bright, cold lights will also provide the feel of warmth and comfort that they get from their own homes. Organization, such as appropriate labels and storage, also offers a trick for both a spacious and comfortable feel. Choosing containers that look less like a stark filing cabinet and more like warm decorations will give the cozy feel you’re after, as well as provide some extra space to maintain the open concept listed above. Take advantage of any opportunity in design to make your employees feel as comfortable as they can.

Fun, Relaxing Break Spaces

Take advantage of your extra rooms. Create an environment that your employees and any others in the building want to be in. The more your employees want to be at work, the better they’ll do. Pool and table hockey tables are a great idea to get everyone together and to get to know one another. If this isn’t an option for your space, consider getting an employee and guest wifi connection and some TVs, so they can kick back and relax on their phones or by the TV. Having TVs in the break room also provide you with a screen to list upcoming work-related events, fundraisers, and employment opportunities. Complimentary coffee for their long days is a must in today’s long work weeks and would always be a welcome accompaniment to their days.

Set Them Up For Success

Many will be surprised to know that so many employees complain that they don’t have the appropriate materials to do their job adequately. Simple things like stocking up on pens, paper, and extra chairs are always a good idea. No one likes working all week to have to leave work and go right to the store to buy things for their job! Having quality desktop monitors and chairs will lessen the strains of their jobs. It can be frustrating when you don’t have the necessary things to do your job right, so always be receptive and open to suggestions from those at the office.

These top commercial designs are all about warmth, open-feel layouts, and using a space for motivation. Keeping staff and any others that enter into the building feeling positive and motivated for their day will create a warm, welcoming atmosphere for everyone involved. Commercial spaces, office spaces, and others often contain staff and the public that are spending long days within one space. The more open and comfortable you make space, the better their mood, work, and motivation will be. Stop to consider these top commercial trends before designing any commercial space!

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