What Costs Go into Leasing a Warehouse Space?

The total costs of renting warehouse space involve more than paying the rent on the first of every month. Leases for commercial warehouse properties can be complicated and confusing, sometimes by design.

Before finalizing a leased warehouse agreement, it is crucial to understand all of your initial and ongoing costs. You need to clarify what you are responsible for and what the landlord will pay for in the way of repairs and maintenance to determine the full warehouse rental cost.

Why Pay for a Leased Warehouse?

A leased warehouse is a versatile investment for a wide range of industries and business types. Renting warehouse space gives your company the flexibility for change and growth with all the advantages of the kind of space a fully functioning warehouse has to offer.

Costs of Renting Warehouse Space Vary Widely

The expenses involved in renting warehouse space can vary widely depending on several determining factors. The size, shape, and usage of the property will all have significant impacts on your total costs to your warehouse rental cost.

Are you responsible for a portion of the maintenance and repairs of exterior and other common areas on the property or just the actual space you are renting? Will your landlord pay for any improvements you make to the building? These are the kinds of questions that need to be asked to get a total picture of what your expenses will be. The answers may be different from landlord to landlord, property to property.

The cost of leasing warehouse space for your business operations can vary from city to city, neighborhood to neighborhood. It would be wise to put extra effort into finding a deal that best serves your needs and can save you the most money in the process.

Calculating Total Warehouse Rental Cost

Going into a rental commitment before completely understanding the total costs associated with the agreement can result in costing you even more in penalties and interest if you are not able to keep up.

When creating a budget for renting warehouse space, you must consider all operating expenses you will be responsible for throughout the term of the lease, including:

  • Electricity
  • HVAC upkeep
  • Maintenance services
  • Property and liability insurance
  • Repairs
  • Taxes

Make sure it is clearly stated in the lease agreement which services you are responsible for and which your landlord will handle. Any surprises or disputes later can lead to a bad relationship and may wind up causing you to move the operation to another warehouse sooner than you had planned to.

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