Top 5 Cities in the U.S. to Open a Restaurant

Opening or investing to start restaurant businesses can be risky ventures. Some cities have better restaurant city markets than others, based on population growth and a focus on fine dining.

Top 5 Cities in the U.S. to Open a Restaurant

The following are the top restaurant city markets in the country with conditions that are ripe for business owners and investors to start restaurant businesses.

1. Cedar Park, Texas

Cedar Park is a large thriving suburb of Austin, Texas, one of the most popular and fastest-growing cities and areas in the nation. Austin is the country’s second-largest restaurant market, and Cedar Park has taken advantage of the population boom to provide a wide range of dining options throughout the community. The area continues to bring in middle-income households and families, giving the area room to grow and expand its rising restaurant city reputation.

2. Mission, Texas

The heavily trafficked Interstate 2 corridor runs right through the Mexican border city of Mission, Texas has seen a steady uptick in a variety of restaurants opening in the area. Interstate 2 connects Mission with McAllen Texas along the Mexican border and sees heavy traffic at all times of the day and night. The road traffic that has led to foot traffic is attractive for business owners and investors to start restaurant ventures that can be seen from the Interstate.

3. Franklin, Tennessee

Like Austin, Nashville is quickly becoming one of the most popular destinations for vacations and relocation options. The area has always been known for world-famous regional cuisine, and Franklin has picked up that mantle. The wealthy suburb boasts of an increase of almost 50 percent in the number of restaurants in a five-year period. Annual sales continue to rise in a community that loves to eat out and has the incomes to afford it.

4. Smyrna, Georgia

Sitting in the northwest corner of the Atlanta metropolitan area, Smyrna, Georgia was once a small, slow suburb on the extreme outskirts of one of the largest cities in the country. The community is now a bustling, affluent suburb that has seen significant population growth spurts, and a sizable number of restaurants to meet their needs.

5. Round Rock, Texas

Round Rock, Texas is another Austin-area suburb that has taken advantage of the population explosion with a large, thriving restaurant market. More investors are going to start restaurant investments in Round Rock every year. Continued growth in the area makes this affluent suburb due north of Austin an ideal restaurant city to learn how to open a café or restaurant.

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