Top 5 Productivity Tips for Working from Home

With the spread of the coronavirus and the stay-home guidelines in place throughout the country, companies are forced to rely on workers figuring out how to work from home to keep businesses afloat. Companies are looking for ways to teach their employees how to be more productive at home while getting their work done.

As the acceptance and necessity of remote working situations become standard, at least for the time being, employees are looking for working from home tips to keep focused and be more productive.

Productivity Tips for How to Work From Home Successfully

Following the tips below for how to work from home successfully can help you keep on track and learn how to be more productive at home.

1. Start Early, Keep on Schedule

Especially as you get used to figuring out how to be more productive at home, it is important to treat the workday with the same approach as if you had gone into the office. Start your workday early and keep on a schedule throughout the day. Segmenting out your day and assigning time frames and achievement markers will help keep you on track.

2. Work from Dedicated Work Space

Even if it is a designated chair around your kitchen table, make sure you have a dedicated workspace that acts as your office. Knowing you are in a specific area or surface to get work done will help keep you focused on the work tasks at hand.

3. Stay Off of Social Media

The draw to your social media outlets is hard enough to resist when you are sitting at the office. A key to figuring out how to work from home successfully makes it harder to be distracted by Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Shut down computer windows with social media accounts and put away your cell phone so you are not tempted to check your feed.

4. Take Planned Breaks

Just like when you are working at the office, it is important to step away from time to time, so work in planned breaks to give you time to physically move from your workspace and recharge your batteries. Take the same amount of time for lunch as you normally do at the office and do not eat at your work station or area.

5. Pick Definite Time to Finish Workday

One of the most important working from home tips is to establish a hard out for when quitting time comes. The time can get away from you in the comfort and security of your home. Set an alarm if you have to, but it is crucial that you finish when the working day is over to establish a clear line separating your work life and home life.

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