Top 10 Things to Consider for New Office Space

If you own a business that is looking for office space to lease, it as an important decision not to be taken lightly. The deal you strike for rental office space can have significant impacts on the success of your business.

10 Important Factors to Consider When Looking for Office Space to Lease

1.          Location, Accessibility

Location is always the most important factor when purchasing or leasing any property. Being easily accessible in a modern office facility is crucial to setting the right tone for potential clients and other visitors. Leasing office space in the middle for a thriving business district will help to attract quality employees and clients alike.

2.          Cost

A balance must be struck when you are looking for office space between what fits into your budget and what you need to for sustainable business success.

3.          Technology, Infrastructure

In our current digital age, your business space must be set up to handle all of your technological needs to run the office properly. Some office spaces are more equipped to handle changes in information processing and computer technology than others.

4.          Company Size

The size of your company, the number of employees, and any anticipated changes in those figures need to be taken into account when looking for office space for your company.

5.          Style

A conservative law office may not be a good fit for an avant-garde loft space with tire swings and bean bag chairs. Make sure the building, complex, and interior design elements suit your business character and style.

6.          Enough of the Right Space

Square footage is important, but you also need to have the right percentage of individual office space and common areas like conference and break rooms.

7.          Space Flexibility

Businesses change, and employee needs are adjusted depending on the success of the business. Make sure your office space has the flexibility to add temporary or permanent employees to the staff.

8.          Parking Availability

Most modern office complexes come with ample parking, though older office buildings or ones in heavily populated urban areas may still present parking availability issues for your employees and clients.

9.          Neighbors

Like a residential living situation, bad neighbors can have severe consequences on the enjoyment and effectiveness of rented office space. A little investigation into who your business might be sharing an office building or floor with may prevent you from getting into an unpleasant situation that you are bound to for a specific amount of time.

10.        Lease Terms

Having bad neighbors is just one reason it is essential to look over the terms of your lease very carefully with you are looking for office space to rent or lease. Shorter-term leases allow you to adjust to any changes that may happen to the business during the duration of the lease agreement.

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