Step-by-Step Guide to Exiting Apartment Lease

There exists any number of reasons you may need to get out of your lease, and different types of apartment buildings offer varying opportunities to leave without suffering too large of a financial expense. Renters do not sign apartment leases with the intention of leaving before the term of the agreement is up. You may even really enjoy living in your unit and take advantage of the apartment building exterior style and amenities. Life happens, situations change, and circumstances come up that require people to move for a wide range of reasons.

Tips for Getting Out of Your Apartment Lease

Whatever the reasons or circumstances, you cannot expect to be able to break your apartment lease without consequences. The following are some tips and steps to take to try to minimize the damage and financial expense to leave your apartment before the rental agreement term is up.

Accept There Will Be Penalties

Laws regarding tenant rights and responsibilities can vary from state to state and region to region. Most areas allow the breaking of a lease without penalty for extreme cases such as domestic violence, any other unsafe circumstances, or in the event of being called up for military service. In all other cases, you will be expected to pay some penalty or fee for breaking a lease before its term. However, it is not set in stone, and there are ways you can try to lessen or eliminate the fees associated with moving out before your lease is up.

Know Your Lease

If you are in the position where you need or want to get out of your lease, take out your lease agreement and read over carefully, so you know exactly where you stand with the landlord from a legal standpoint. Different types of apartment buildings have early termination or opt-out clauses that you can start as a base for negotiating with your landlord.

Communicate with Your Landlord

The only way to be sure your landlord will not work with you on an early termination agreement is to not ask them. Open communication is always best, and they are more likely to come up with a reasonable solution if you are open and honest about your circumstances.

Help Fill Vacancy

If the landlord is resisting your request to break the lease, you could offer to help find them a new tenant to pay out the remainder of the lease. Ask around and use your social media accounts to get the word out to find a suitable replacement to take over your lease.

Subletting Options

When allowed, subletting the space to someone else is a way to be able to move out but still bring in money to pay the rent. Even if you cannot find someone to take over the entire amount of the monthly payments, getting a percentage of it is better than having to pay it all on your own.

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