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Did you know?

... The first piano in America was built in Pennsylvania.

... Pennsylvania is the first state to list its own website on the state license plates.

Could the United States really exist without Pennsylvania, a state with its own rich history and natural resources? Probably not. Good thing that the Keystone State is here to stay, and 13 million residents make it clear that there are plenty of reasons to call Pennsylvania home. The median household income of Pennsylvania is $59,195, putting it firmly in 23rd place.

Pennsylvania is a state of big mountains, deep valleys, rolling hills, and varied weather. The people of the Keystone State suffer through pretty hot and humid summers, but chilly winters. Snow is definitely on the menu; Erie holds the record for the greatest two-day snowfall at 60.5 inches.

Major employers of Pennsylvania include Heinz, Walmart, the University of Pennsylvania, PPG Industries, the Hershey Company, The York Water Company, and GE Transportation.

Connect to Pennsylvania through the area’s iconic foods, including cheesesteaks, scrapple, sponge candy, and classic twists on Greek, Italian, and Irish cuisines.

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