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Did you know?

... Montana is the only US state to border three different Canadian provinces.

... There are more elk, deer, and antelope in Montana than humans.

Just over 1.1 million people call Montana home, and they certainly have a lot of space to do so. Indeed, this is a state that has an extremely low population density. The state has a median household income of $53,386, putting it squarely in 40th place.

Montana is a mountainous state that embraces its geography fully; while there’s no official nickname, many residents call it Big Sky Country. Agriculture, hunting, fishing, and tourism are all major economic powerhouses. The state is growing for tourism but also for craft microbrewing. In 2021, the state unemployment rate was a respectable 3.5%. Major employers of Montana include state government agencies, Union Pacific Railroad, BNSF, Blue Cross - Blue Shield, and the Billings Clinic.

Start a visit to Montana the right way: check out the Crow Fair and Rodeo, an annual event going all the way back to 1909. It attracts over 45,000 visitors every year, and there’s plenty of food, dances, and live music.

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