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Did you know?

... White Castle started in Kansas as America’s first hamburger chain.

... It's illegal to shoot rabbits from a motorboat in Kansas.

The flatness of Kansas has done very little to keep over 2.9 million people from calling it home, so it’s time to check out the Sunflower state a little bit more. It certainly does live up to its nickname with plenty of sunflowers covering the entire state. The median household income is $56,422, putting it right at 27th place.

This completely land-locked state is home to the geographic center of the contiguous United States, and so much more. Indeed, major employers in Kansas include Boeing, Garmin, YRC Worldwide, Koch Industries, Coleman, and Textron Aviation.

Kansas is well known for being a major player for wind energy, with an installed capacity of over 6,100 MW. On top of powerful wind energy resources, the state also leads the way in renewable biodiesel and ethanol fuels. Over 600 million gallons per year are contributed to the economy right from the Sunflower State.

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