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Did you know?

... The first McDonald’s was built in Illinois.

... More nuclear energy is produced in Illinois than any other state in the Union.

The state known as the Land of Lincoln is far more than just the greater Chicago area. Over 12.8 million people call Illinois home, and they live all over the state. Illinois is considered one of the economic powerhouses of the Midwest, and it shows up in statistics like the median household income. Illinois ranks 17th for median household income at $65,030.

Opportunities abound outside of the statistics. The story of Illinois is one of rich history, modern progress, and future growth. The economy is mixed across not just agriculture, but manufacturing, professional services, investment firms, energy, and coal. Wind power and biofuels are growing in adoption across Illinois, further signifying the state’s progressive path forward.

To enjoy the state to the fullest, start with checking out some events. The Chicagoland Speedway features great races, and the state is home to multiple championship-grade golf courses. There’s food everywhere from a wide variety of cultures, and multiple concert opportunities come to venues in Illinois every year.

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