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Aerial View of Idaho Capitol Building

Did you know?

... Nearly 40% of the state of Idaho is public land.

... Idaho's obesity rate is the second-lowest in the country.

Idaho is far from the state with the cheapest cost of living, but over 1.8 million people decided that the Gem State is still the best place to call home. The median household income of the state is $52,225, making it come into 31st place on the state list.

This state is steeped in history but still embraces the present while planning for a strong future. Idaho can get very hot in the summer but not nearly as cold in water as it would be without the effect of the Pacific Ocean.

Major employers in the state include Anheuser-Busch, the Idaho National Laboratory, Oracle, Micron, Coldwater Creek, and HP.

To avoid exploring the natural wonders of Idaho would truly be a waste of a visit. Check out Redfish Lake, a central Idaho destination that features plenty of sockeye salmon as well as opportunities for amazing summer hiking trails and winter snowshoeing opportunities. The lake area provides excellent views of Mount Heyburn and Grand Mogul, two prominent mountains in the state.

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