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Did you know?

... The largest community of Buddhists is located in Hawaii.

... Surfing was invented in Hawaii.

Hawaii is so picturesque it almost doesn’t feel real. Yet Hawaii is home to over 1.5 million people who are happy to confirm that yes, it is truly possible to live in paradise. Being an island state, Hawaii does have a higher cost of living than other places. This is reflected in the higher incomes present; the state is 4th in terms of median household income at $77,765.

Major economic sectors include tourism, military bases, and real estate. There is no statewide tax on sales or personal property.

Relaxing in Hawaii is the best way to experience how laid back the island truly becomes. Most of the Hawaiian islands have state parks that are perfect for enjoying the outdoors, and resorts abound all over the island. A short stay is very doable, even with pandemic-era restrictions. There are no professional sporting teams in Hawaii, but the amateur teams do put on fun football and soccer events. Surfing competitions are well worth checking out despite the crowds, and one of the top events is the Triple Crown of Surfing.

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