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Did you know?

... Former President Jimmy Carter is the only president from Georgia to date.

... Georgia is America's #1 producer of peanuts and pecans.

Do you know all of Georgia’s natural resources by heart? That’s OK; memorizing the resources of this rich, vibrant state isn’t a requirement to join the other 10.7 million people that call Georgia home. Georgia comes in 29th place in terms of median household income, but $56,183 isn’t too bad.

The state is way more than just Atlanta, with stunning natural views thanks to Piedmont, the Blue Ridge Mountains, and the Cumberland Plateau. This is a state that has a diverse collection of wildlife, from the eastern diamondback snake to alligators and salamanders.

Take refuge from the gators and check out the Callaway Gardens, a 2,500-acre paradise in Pine Mountain. While Atlanta definitely gets plenty of attention, there are other attractions to explore. The gardens were designed to protect multiple species of azaleas and just grew from that mission to the sprawling gardens that attract over 750,000 visitors every year.

Major employers of Georgia include Delta, Aflac, SunTrust Bank, and Home Depot.

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