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Did you know?

... There are more corporate entities formed in Delaware than actual residents.

... In the entire U.S., the smallest number of people live in Delaware.

If you thought Connecticut was small, then get ready to marvel at Delaware. Not only is Delaware the 2nd smallest state by area, but it’s also a state with the lowest number of counties in the country. It has a total population of just under a million people, but the median household income is $62,852. It ranks 16th in the country for income.

Despite such a small population, Delaware still has a rather interesting economy. Kiplinger released a study highlighting that Delaware has the 17th largest number of millionaires per capita in the United States. Industries within the state include government, education, tech, banking, healthcare, retail, and agriculture. Automotive manufacturing used to be higher but has declined dramatically over the years.

To experience Delaware, it’s best to explore the numerous annual festivals across the state. The Firefly Music Festival is one of the most popular attractions, coming in every July. It features some incredibly famous music acts and food and beverage experiences on site.

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