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Did you know?

... Colorado became a state exactly 100 years after the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

... The world's deepest hot springs reside in Colorado.

Colorado and the great outdoors practically go hand in hand, even though it is now more well known for its high-tech corridors. Nearly six million people call Colorado home, and it has a median household income of $69,117. It ranks 9th in the country for median household income. The average elevation in Colorado is 6800 ft, which means living in Colorado does tend to take some getting used to; plenty of people struggle with the altitude.

Colorado is home to several world-famous brands, including Samsonite luggage, Qwest Communication, Russell Stover Candies, Coors, Celestial Seasonings tea, and Waterpik dental hygiene tools.

Uranium mining was once a major economic activity but was suspended in 2016.

To fully experience Colorado, explore the craft breweries, wineries, and local food establishments. A trip to the Avenue Theater in Denver is still an incredible experience, and multiple art and music festivals exist throughout the year to showcase the entertainment that just feels natural within the state. Skiing, snowboarding, and sledding all winter long are fun ways to pass the time, and multiple resorts exist in the state to accommodate travelers.

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