Rural vs Urban Land Investing

Investing in real estate in and around large metropolitan markets is high demand attractive to homeowners and realtors for its expected return. However, rural real estate is more available and far less expensive, with long-term potential for development and expansion.

The following breaks down the benefits and features of investing in both rural property and urban real estate:

Rural Real Estate

Most purchases and investments in rural property are done with a long-term outlook. Real estate far from metropolitan areas are cheaper and more available.

Less Congested Real Estate Market

Fewer people and more land mean more availability and less competition in the rural real estate market. With low demand and a large number of properties and lots for sale, there is never a shortage of buyers’ markets to purchase rural real estate.

More Affordable Rural Property for Sale

The lack of demand and competition in rural areas results in cheaper prices for more properties. Court auctions for rural real estate often have only one interested buyer. Prices for rural property will typically cost investors about half of what the same amount of property would run them in an urban area.

Room for Expansion

Some investors purchase rural real estate in proximity to more urban areas with the hopes that future expansion and development will be profitable. Buying multiple properties is a way some investors build up their portfolios and solidify a hold on the market. From there it is a waiting game to see if expansion will come your way, and you can cash in on the rural real estate investment.

Fewer Restrictions, Regulations

Laws and restrictions for development and construction in rural areas are much less stringent than that of urban developments. There is a lot more leeway for rural property to develop outside the boundaries of municipality or state law.

Urban Real Estate Investments

Real Estate investments in urban areas present a wider range of opportunities in a larger, more competitive marketplace.

Public Services Access

Properties in urban areas have the advantage of being near or within a wide range of public services and conveniences not present out in rural areas. Investors looking to purchase rural properties for rent, in particular, feel more comfortable in urban areas where there more services and people.

Larger, More Diverse Real Estate Market

Economic opportunities are much more available in large urban communities than they are in sparsely populated rural areas. There is simply a larger and more diverse real estate market in and around heavily populated metropolitan areas.

Big City Attractions, Tourism

Larger cities will also have more expansive entertainment and tourism draws than rural communities and small towns. These attractions make urban properties far more appealing for potential rental and Airbnb opportunities.

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