Most Popular Layout Designs of Restaurants of 2020

In the highly competitive restaurant industry, business owners and investors look for every edge they can get. Taking advantage of the most recent trends and restaurant design ideas help to give dining establishments the greatest chance to draw traffic and increase profits.

Decisions regarding restaurant décor and design can have a great impact on the success of the business. Even the smallest restaurant design ideas can help to spruce up the look and feel of your restaurant to draw customers in and have them want to come back.

Popular Restaurant Interior Design Trends to Draw In Diners

The following are some of the most recent popular trends in restaurant décor and design.

Communal Dining Experience

The open restaurant interior design concept continues to grow in popularity as diners share spaces and tables to create a unique communal dining experience. Presenting a collective eating experience offers an open table experience that encourages the sharing of space to encourage a more social dining experience. A communal eating design maximizes your space to serve more customers at one time leading to an increase in traffic and profits.

Rooftop Dining

Rooftop bars and restaurants are growing in popularity in urban areas that provide breathtaking views while you dine. Heaters, fireplaces, and blankets make the rooftop dining experience viable throughout the seasons.

Waiting, Ordering Areas

The proliferation of third-party delivery services and an increase in take-out customers has led to restaurants redesigning waiting and ordering areas. Creating a designated space for those waiting for completed delivery and take-out orders will keep them separate from those dining in. These restaurant design ideas will reduce congestion and make the entire operation run more smoothly.

Shipping Container Cafes

Old shipping containers are big, empty spaces that some entrepreneurs have used to create dynamic spaces for small dining establishments like cafes, ice cream shops, taco stands, or bars without significant expense. These containers can be put into place near the beach or a park to provide convenient access and a unique dining experience for customers.

Furniture Mix

Who says all the chairs in your restaurant have to be the same? The mixing and matching of furniture provide a homey look and feel. You can keep the same furniture style and mix and match colors, or shake things up altogether with random styles and colors of your chairs and tables to offer a truly unique look to your restaurant.

Go Green with Plants

A restaurant design concept that fits in with today’s energy-conscious society is to go green by adding foliage as a primary design element. Live plants will brighten up the space while creating a natural, organic feel to the space.

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