Know What You’re Getting into with Your New Office Space

Commercial properties that rent office space will typically include some repair and maintenance clause, which will outline what you are responsible for throughout the term of the lease.

The basic responsibility will be to keep the rental office property clean, neat, and in good working order. You are responsible for repairing any non-structural damage you have caused in your rental space.

Office Facilities Repair and Maintenance Responsibilities

As the renter of office facilities, there are many things you are expected to handle and a list of things you are not allowed to do when it comes to the care, repair, and maintenance of your rental space.

Office Repair and Maintenance You Cannot Do to a Rental Space

Most of what you cannot do as an office facilities renter is fairly straightforward. You are not allowed to damage or destroy the rental property or permit acts of recklessness. You cannot rip out walls or allow garbage to pile up. Renters are expected to be a good neighbor to other businesses in the building or complex.

Beyond the basics of treating the property well and fixing anything you break, communication with your landlord is key. Make sure you both understand the expectations and limits of the agreement.

What Renters Must Do for Office Repair

As a renter, you are responsible for the basic upkeep of the nonstructural items in the office space you are renting. The landlord may provide a cleaning service that is either worked into the rent or as a separate charge. Still, you will typically be responsible for the cleaning of your space, and to handle the repair and maintenance of the area.

What Is the Landlord Responsible For?

Your landlord is responsible for all repair and maintenance needed for the structure of the building and its operational systems. Common areas, heating and cooling, landscaping, and repairs to the exterior of the building are all up to the landlord. Some leases fail to detail what the landlord will be responsible for, so it is important to go over these items before signing your lease.

A properly drafted lease will fully address the expectations and responsibilities when it comes to the repair and maintenance of your rental office space. Read it over carefully before signing it. Some landlords will be more flexible than others, but it never hurts to ask about items like light bulbs, air filters, and carpet cleaning services. Landlords will generally want to do what they can to make renters happy and keep their properties in the best shape possible. Features Office Space for Rent, Sale

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