Newest Trends in Office Design

Employees who work in an office seem to spend more time at the office than they do at home, and recent office design trends are aimed at making the workplace a more comfortable and convenient place. When you make workspaces enjoyable, job satisfaction, employee engagement, collaboration, and productivity go up.

Recent Trends in Office Design Layout

If you are creating a new office space or office design layout, the following trends will help you make the best decisions to make your employees happy and your business successful.

Collaborative Working Spaces

The best way to reach your company’s potential is to get everyone in the office working together as one cohesive team. One of the most popular office design trends in the modern era is the use of collaborative working spaces that allow for greater input throughout the organization. Employees who work in natural space environments become more creative and efficient, leading to better communication and higher productivity.

Collaborative working spaces empower employees and make them feel valued for their input. Projects move along more quickly and smoothly, taking advantage of the strengths of each member in a shared space where employees work together in a face-to-face situation, promoting direct communication and free-flowing process of ideas, information, and creativity.

Some members of the team may resist the notion, preferring to keep themselves in a personal office space. It is important to show everyone the individual and overall benefits of working together in a collaborative office design layout.

Technology Integration

Technological advances in the digital age have changed the way offices and the people in them work. Proper integration of smart office technology allows your employees to work faster and smarter. Your office design layout needs to include ways to adapt and integrate new office technology and processes. Among the ways an office design can incorporate the latest technologies to bring your office into the future include:

  • Video screens with wireless remote access and control for presentations
  • Video conferencing integration for all workstations and spaces
  • Wireless charging ports to keep everyone at full power for all devices
  • Smartboards to replace clunky and inefficient whiteboards and other information displays
  • Data sharing capabilities

Home-Inspired Design

More companies are allowing telecommuting options for their employees to work from home. However, there is significant value for most industries to have the workforce on-site during hours of operation. One way to curb workers’ desires to work from the comfort of their own home is to bring some of those comforts and conveniences into your office design layout.

Inserting home elements and aspects is one of the most popular recent office design trends. Some examples include:

  • Household furniture
  • Personal decorations
  • Infuse nature with interior plants
  • Sleeping area
  • Employee lounge with TV or game room

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