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    Lee Wheeler

    O: 409-899-3300
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    Lumberton, TX 77657

    Listing ID: 272135
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    Building Size: --
    Lot Size: 105.000 AC
    Land Size: 4,573,800 SF
    Building $/SF: --
    Land $/SF: --
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    Property Highlights
    About 460 on Highway 421
    Just East of new Lumberton City Park
    One of the fastest growing cities in Southeast Texas
    Would make a fantastic subdivision
    Combine with 15 Acres on Hwy. 69 also for sale frontage to make for a great mixed-use development
    Approximately 1,500 West of Hwy. 69 intersection
    Preferred school district
    Just over 1 mile to Lumberton

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    Common Questions and Answers

    How much land does the Lumberton, TX property at Land include?
    Land in Lumberton includes 105.000 acres of land
    What kind of Land is the propery at Land?
    The property at Land Lumberton, TX 77657 is listed as a Mixed Use Land Land property
    What is the population within 1 mile of Land in Lumberton?
    The population within 1 mile of Land Lumberton, TX 77657 is 1,787 people.
    Who do I contact for questions about Land?
    You should contact the listing agent, Lee Wheeler, for any details regarding this commercial listing.

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