Health, Safety Measures for Industrial Property Leases

When searching for a large industrial facility to rent for your company, the industrial safety concerns that affect the health and safety of your employees is of top priority. Depending on the nature of your business, some certain risks and hazards need safeguarding to keep workers safe in the line of duty.

Federal and local legislation and regulations require the owners and managers of commercial properties to make reasonable efforts to make sure their facilities and complexes are safe for those who work there and the general public.

Top Health, Safety Measures to Consider for Industrial Property Leases


One of the main industrial safety concerns when leasing a warehouse or other large industrial space is being able to quickly get everyone out of the facility if needed. Make sure the building is easily accessible with multiple and clear entry and exit points in the event of emergency evacuations.

Fire Safety Measures

The property will need to be fully compliant with all fire safety regulations and guidelines. Fire and emergency evacuation plans should be in place, clearly marked, and fully understood by all employees.


It is the business owner or manager’s responsibility to make sure employees are working in a safe and secure environment. Industrial property rentals should have proper, comprehensive security measures in place.


Slip and fall accidents are among the most common ways workers in industrial work environments suffer personal injuries. Surfaces should be clean, dry, and safe to perform the duties of the job.

Hazardous Materials

It is important to find out whether asbestos or other harmful materials were used in the construction or repair of the building that can cause dangerous conditions with long-term exposure.

Air Quality

Proper ventilation and HVAC system maintenance are key elements to ensure good airflow and air quality throughout the building. Large warehouses and other industrial properties require extensive ventilation systems.


All areas of the property and facility need to be properly lit to avoid injuries and increase the safety and security of the employees.

Operational Systems

Inspect all of the facility’s operational systems to make sure items like the heating and cooling units are in proper working condition, and have been regularly serviced and maintained.

Professional Inspections

Before you agree to a lease for a warehouse or other industrial facility, it is important to have the building inspected for industrial safety concerns by a qualified, professional inspector who knows what to look for to ensure the safety and health of your employees and clients. They will be able to identify areas of safety and health concerns that you will not be able to spot and recommend appropriate actions to rectify any problems, including the possible suggestion to move onto another rental.

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