Flex Space 101

Small and medium-sized businesses looking for a way to create their own office environment without having to sign a long-term lease may be asking, “What is flex space?”

Flex space can offer a great advantage to businesses looking to get the maximum use from a single flex warehouse space. The unique way to approach commercial real estate gives businesses build-out opportunities that allow you to tailor and customize the office space to your needs and specifications.

What is Flex Space?

Flex office spaces are typically smaller office suites, which are grouped with other companies to share larger common areas like conference rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. Short for flexible space, flex office space offers businesses the flexibility to grow and adjust to the ever-changing commercial real estate landscape.

Benefits of Using Flex Warehouse Building for Office Space

Traditional office space leases involve the signing of a long-term agreement, making them inflexible for future growth that will require flexibility in the way the business is run and the amount and types of space that will be needed. A wide range of flex space options is now available for companies that need shorter-term flexibility for their anticipated growth and expansion.

Flex space is a cost-efficient way to leave options open for growth and change in your business. Other benefits and features of taking advantage of flex property management arrangements include:

Space Sharing

Using part of a flex warehouse facility to include the administrative offices in the same building as the rest of your operation gives businesses the chance to have all of their operations under the same roof, instead of operating the administrative office functions at a separate location.

Ceiling Height

Warehouses and distribution centers are large, open structures able to easily transform into the office space you need. Ceiling heights are typically between 12-feet and 16-feet, allowing for flex space to adapt to your office needs.

Customized Flex Space

Office flex space can be customized to suit your specific needs and requirements based on your business operation and model. It is essentially a blank canvas that you can create your ideal, fully functional office spaces that are customized to your specific needs and preferences.

Location, Location, Location

Flex space is often found within accessible business parks, making it easier to draw in clients and more convenient for employees, as opposed to most industrial parks that tend to be in large, confusing complexes.

Get Started at MyEListing.com for Flex Warehouse Space

Taking advantage of flex space opportunities allows businesses to find cost-efficient solutions to their office space needs without the expenses associated with remodeling or taking on multiple leases to cover all areas of your operation.

Office flex space has become more popular in recent years as companies are looking for alternatives to traditional office lease opportunities. At MyEListing.com, you can find a wide range of available flex warehouse office spaces. Log on today to start the process of finding the perfect commercial real estate space for your business.

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