How Are Delivery Services Affecting Restaurant Real Estate?

The restaurant business has always been a risky investment, and the growing popularity and acceptance of online food delivery services have made restaurant real estate even more perilous. More food places deliver than ever before, which caused a noticeable shift in the state of the restaurant real estate industry.

Food delivery companies like GrubHub, UberEats, and Postmates making significant inroads in the marketplace, has caused many restaurants to reassess their priorities, tighten their budgets, and in some cases actually close their physical eating establishment to keep up.

High Commission Fees for Online Food Delivery Services

Restaurants that take advantage of online food delivery services pay hefty commission fees, some coming close to a third of the order, forcing drastic changes to overhead expenses reducing the wait staff and table bussers. Those that resist the lure of providing delivery service face dwindling customer totals and profits, as so many more people are choosing to eat other restaurant’s food in the comfort of their homes.

Some in the restaurant industry have tried to fight the rise in online food delivery services on local eating establishments. Enacting regulations may help to curb what some feel are excessive fees, but it is clear what customers are looking for, and they are not going away any time soon. Restaurant owners and investors need to adjust the way they look at the industry to take advantage of the benefits of using these services.

Benefits of Restaurants Becoming Food Places That Deliver

Among the benefit and features of online delivery services offer to restaurants include:

Easier Order Taking and Processing

Customers can view your entire menu and all of their options on any mobile device with an Internet connection. This allows the customer total control of the order, leading to a few mistakes or misunderstandings. The order can be quickly and properly filled and based entirely on the input of information from the customer.

Order Efficiency

Online ordering allows restaurants to provide seamless customer service with instant notifications and communication. From prep time to delivery execution, the entire process is clear and quick and efficient.

Inexpensive, Effective Marketing

Offering delivery options will increase your restaurant’s online presence and make it easier to promote your brand. Relatively inexpensive online marketing techniques are effective at generating visitors to your website and converting them into actual orders. The quality and preparation of your food will do the rest.

Mobile Ordering Convenience

Today’s society is filled with people walking around, looking at their phones. Online ordering options for restaurants makes it as easy as checking emails to place an order and have it delivered. A user-friendly interface makes it as simple as checking off what you want and hitting send. It literally cannot get move convenient than that!

Expansion of Customer Reach

There is a finite number of customers your physical restaurant can hold. The Internet is infinite and can reach out to thousands of potential customers at any given second. Online food delivery allows you to expand your business exponentially without having to invest in any physical infrastructure or hire additional wait staff to handle the load.

Get Started at Today

Though the online food delivery service industry has changed the sit-down element of the business model, the restaurant real estate is still thriving with those who have made the proper adjustments continuing to be successful. Contact for complete information about pursuing a restaurant real estate investment.

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