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Leasing/Renting: Master the commercial property lease and everything that comes with it: what are the differences between single, double, and triple net leases? How are leases negotiated? How is rent determined and how are rent concessions utilized and leveraged? How do net-leased properties generate income? What are some of the best places to lease land?

Understanding Commercial Property Lease Agreements

Published: 11-17-23    By: Luke Williams

Renting Commercial Property vs. Buying: Making the Right Decision

Published: 11-15-23    By: Luke Williams

A Guide to Finding Your First Commercial Property for Rent

Published: 11-13-23    By: Luke Williams

How to Find Retail Space for Rent: The Basics

Published: 10-03-23    By: Luke Williams

Finding Office Space for Lease: The Business Owner's Guide

Published: 10-02-23    By: Luke Williams

Small Retail Space for Rent: A Business Owner's Guide

Published: 09-08-23    By: Luke Williams

Business Garages for Rent: How to Locate, Select, & Lease

Published: 08-10-23    By: Luke Williams

What to Expect When Leasing Commercial Property for the First Time

Published: 08-03-23    By: Luke Williams

Negotiating Lease Concessions When Renting Commercial Property

Published: 07-24-23    By: Luke Williams

How to Renegotiate Commercial Lease Terms

Published: 05-01-23    By: Luke Williams

Everything You Need to Know About Retail Commercial Leases

Published: 12-06-22    By: Luke Williams

Multifamily Rents in Significant Markets Show Signs of Cooling

Published: 11-18-22    By: Luke Williams

The Dos and Don’ts of Leasing Commercial Property

Published: 11-04-22    By: Luke Williams

Rent Payments Burden Americans the Most in These Cities & States

Published: 10-03-22    By: Luke Williams

How to Account for Tenant Improvement Allowances Under ASC 840

Published: 09-30-22    By: Luke Williams

How Landowners Can Make Money During Dove Season

Published: 09-29-22    By: Luke Williams

How Do You Calculate Tenant Improvements?

Published: 09-16-22    By: Luke Williams

Business Owner’s Guide to Renting Office Space in Charlotte, NC in 2022

Published: 09-12-22    By: Luke Williams

5 More Affordable Cities to Rent Commercial Real Estate

Published: 06-21-22    By: Luke Williams

5 Expensive Cities to Lease Commercial Real Estate

Published: 06-21-22    By: Luke Williams

What Does It Mean to Lease or Rent Commercial Property?

Published: 06-20-22    By: Luke Williams

The 5 Most Expensive Cities to Lease Commercial Real Estate

Published: 06-06-22    By: Luke Williams

10 Most Expensive States to Lease Commercial Real Estate

Published: 05-13-22    By: Luke Williams

10 Most Affordable States for Leasing Commercial Properties

Published: 05-12-22    By: Luke Williams

5 Do’s and Don’ts for Co-Tenancy Agreements

Published: 04-22-22    By: Luke Williams

Best Places to Find Commercial Property for Rent in 2022

Published: 04-12-22    By: Luke Williams

5 Prime States for Renting Commercial Land in 2022

Published: 04-04-22    By: Luke Williams

Using Leases to Tap Into Affluent Markets in Texas

Published: 02-09-22    By: Luke Williams

Could Leasing Space in This Hidden Suburban Gem Boost Your Income?

Published: 02-07-22    By: Luke Williams

List Commercial Property for Lease Without Hassle in 2022

Published: 02-04-22    By: Luke Williams

Finding New Beginnings in Commercial Property Leases

Published: 01-11-22    By: Luke Williams

Will 2022 Be the Year of the Red Hot Tenant Market in CRE?

Published: 12-01-21    By: Luke Williams

Today’s Post-Pandemic Purchasing Environment Is Great for New Lease Negotiation

Published: 11-25-21    By: Luke Williams

A Guide to Budgeting for Retail Space

Published: 10-18-21    By: Luke Williams

Documentation You Need to Rent a Shop for Business

Published: 10-17-21    By: Luke Williams

6 Crucial Clauses & Terms in Commercial Leases

Published: 10-16-21    By: Luke Williams

Understanding Industrial Leases, Both Gross & Net

Published: 10-14-21    By: Luke Williams

Hunting Leases: How Kansas Landowners Can Make Money

Published: 10-09-21    By: Luke Williams

Understanding Rent Abatement & Other Lease Concessions

Published: 10-08-21    By: Luke Williams

When to Start Renting an Office for Your Small Business

Published: 09-27-21    By: Luke Williams

Finding a Warehouse for Rent Near You: 4 Things You Can't Overlook

Published: 09-23-21    By: Luke Williams

Finding a Garage for Rent Near You

Published: 09-21-21    By: Luke Williams

A Checklist for Renting Commercial Space

Published: 09-14-21    By: Luke Williams

Using a Broker to Find Office Space for Rent Near You

Published: 09-11-21    By: Luke Williams

Pros and Cons to a Hybrid Office Model

Published: 08-27-21    By: Luke Williams

5 Tips for Renting Your First Office Space

Published: 08-26-21    By: Luke Williams

4 Tips for Selecting the Right Property for Your Restaurant

Published: 08-11-21    By: Luke Williams

Choosing the Right Office Space to Maximize Employee Productivity

Published: 08-08-21    By: Luke Williams

The Different Types of Office Spaces and What You Can Expect Them to Look Like

Published: 08-05-21    By: Luke Williams

Understanding the Rent-to-Sales Ratio, Both as a Prospective Tenant and Landlord

Published: 08-04-21    By: Luke Williams

Houston Residents Head Back to Work

Published: 07-28-21    By: Luke Williams

Short or Long-Term Commercial Real Estate Leases: What's Best for You?

Published: 07-27-21    By: Luke Williams

What are Office Space Classifications and Deciding Which One is Right For You

Published: 07-23-21    By: MyEListing Staff

Post pandemic, are open floor plan offices a thing of the past?

Published: 07-22-21    By: MyEListing Staff

Common Area Maintenance Fees

Published: 10-12-20    By: MyEListing Staff

Houston Coworking Space for Women

Published: 06-02-20    By: MyEListing Staff

5 Common Challenges for Co-working Facilities

Published: 10-15-19    By: MyEListing Staff

Tenant Improvement Allowance Reimbursement

Published: 09-23-19    By: MyEListing Staff