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Master the commercial property lease and everything that comes with it: what are the differences between single, double, and triple net leases? How are leases negotiated? How is rent determined and how are rent concessions utilized and leveraged? How do net-leased properties generate income? What are some of the best places to lease land?


How Landowners Can Make Money During Dove Season

by MyEListing Staff | 2022-09-29

As dove season approaches, landowners can make money by allowing hunting on their property. Here’s how to make your land more attractive to doves and what you can earn. ...


How Do You Calculate Tenant Improvements?

by MyEListing Staff | 2022-09-16

Learn how to calculate tenant improvement allowance, or money that is given to a tenant from a landlord to improve the space that they are leasing. ...


Business Owner’s Guide to Renting Office Space in Charlotte, NC in 2022

by MyEListing Staff | 2022-09-12

Charlotte’s economy is on a growth trajectory, making proper planning and anticipation all the more important for your office space hunt. ...


5 More Affordable Cities to Rent Commercial Real Estate

by MyEListing Staff | 2022-06-21

These 5 cities are some more affordable places to rent commercial real estate as the economy slows down. ...


5 Expensive Cities to Lease Commercial Real Estate

by MyEListing Staff | 2022-06-21

Hidden economic movers alongside rising rental rates make these 5 cities some of the most expensive to lease commercial real estate. ...


What Does It Mean to Lease or Rent Commercial Property?

by MyEListing Staff | 2022-06-20

When you lease a commercial building for rent, you become its tenant rather than its owner, and commercial building tenants are often businesses instead of individuals. ...


The 5 Most Expensive Cities to Lease Commercial Real Estate

by MyEListing Staff | 2022-06-06

Amidst today’s inflation, a tight labor market, and rising demand for office space, where are the 5 most expensive cities to lease commercial real estate? ...


10 Most Expensive States to Lease Commercial Real Estate

by MyEListing Staff | 2022-05-13

Wondering which states are the most expensive to lease commercial real estate? We’ve compiled that list right here. ...


10 Most Affordable States for Leasing Commercial Properties

by MyEListing Staff | 2022-05-12

Leasing commercial property can be expensive, but if you’re looking for a bargain, these are the most affordable states to lease commercial real estate. ...


5 Do’s and Don’ts for Co-Tenancy Agreements

by MyEListing Staff | 2022-04-22

Learn how to navigate the complexities of co-tenancy agreements so they work for you, not against you. ...


Best Places to Find Commercial Property for Rent in 2022

by MyEListing Staff | 2022-04-12

Exploring your own network, vacant or low-activity markets, and free commercial real estate listings are some of the best places to find commercial property in 2022. ...


5 Prime States for Renting Commercial Land in 2022

by MyEListing Staff | 2022-04-04

Texas, Florida, California, Kentucky, and Missouri are all presenting prime commercial land opportunities in 2022. ...


Using Leases to Tap Into Affluent Markets in Texas

by MyEListing Staff | 2022-02-09

Leasing is red hot, and we’re pretty excited to see the possibilities to make leasing even better for savvy minded real estate enthusiasts. ...


Could Leasing Space in This Hidden Suburban Gem Boost Your Income?

by MyEListing Staff | 2022-02-07

Want to really crank up your income-boosting activities? Move your revenue generation activities somewhere else. ...


List Commercial Property for Lease Without Hassle in 2022

by MyEListing Staff | 2022-02-04

If you have never listed commercial property for lease before, technology in 2022 will make it even easier for you to do so. ...


Finding New Beginnings in Commercial Property Leases

by MyEListing Staff | 2022-01-11

Business owners are having a revolution in this post-pandemic economy, and part of it is through people taking the time to list commercial real estate property for lease. ...


Will 2022 Be the Year of the Red Hot Tenant Market in CRE?

by MyEListing Staff | 2021-12-01

In 2022, the tenant market will continue to grow: all of the pieces of the puzzle are finally back in place. ...


Today’s Post-Pandemic Purchasing Environment Is Great for New Lease Negotiation

by MyEListing Staff | 2021-11-25

In all real estate markets, silver linings abound. This is the case for this fresh fiscal year, full of potential for investors of all sizes and across multiple asset classes. ...


A Guide to Budgeting for Retail Space

by MyEListing Staff | 2021-10-18

Preparing your business budget for retail space will save you from unnecessary financial stress. ...


Documentation You Need to Rent a Shop for Business

by MyEListing Staff | 2021-10-17

Part of your retail business plan needs to include looking into business licenses and permits that are relevant in your area. ...


6 Crucial Clauses & Terms in Commercial Leases

by MyEListing Staff | 2021-10-16

Commercial leases require careful study. Although they may seem to be just like their residential counterparts, the truth is that they can differ tremendously. ...


Understanding Industrial Leases, Both Gross & Net

by MyEListing Staff | 2021-10-14

The aftermath of the COVID-19 global pandemic means that there are plenty of opportunities to get warehouse space at a cheaper price than ever before. ...


Hunting Leases: How Kansas Landowners Can Make Money

by MyEListing Staff | 2021-10-09

hunting leases give you the best of both worlds: The land is kept as wild as you’d like, and it earns you passive income. ...


Understanding Rent Abatement & Other Lease Concessions

by MyEListing Staff | 2021-10-08

Are you looking at signing a new lease? Perhaps it’s time to look at profit-protecting components of the lease, such as rent abatements. ...


When to Start Renting an Office for Your Small Business

by MyEListing Staff | 2021-09-27

Buying office space or working from home are both viable options; however, business owners have found that choosing an office for rent can foster more professionalism. ...


Finding a Warehouse for Rent Near You: 4 Things You Can’t Overlook

by MyEListing Staff | 2021-09-23

Finding a warehouse for rent near you on your own is certainly doable, there’s just a small checklist of things to look out for when you start your search. ...


Finding a Garage for Rent Near You

by MyEListing Staff | 2021-09-21

Whether you’re looking for some extra storage or a private, distant space to park or work on your car, you can easily find a garage for rent near you. ...


A Checklist for Renting Commercial Space

by MyEListing Staff | 2021-09-14

In the world of leasing commercial real estate, it pays to be prepared. Learn how to secure the best possible commercial space for rent. ...


Using a Broker to Find Office Space for Rent Near You

by MyEListing Staff | 2021-09-11

The professional help offered by a tenant rep commercial real estate broker can help you navigate the negotiations with landlords that you’re almost certainly going to have. ...


Pros and Cons to a Hybrid Office Model

by MyEListing Staff | 2021-08-27

There are many pros and cons to a hybrid office model, and it is important to consider all factors when deciding the future of your office space ...


5 Tips for Renting Your First Office Space

by MyEListing Staff | 2021-08-26

Your business has reached that point in its life where you believe it needs a home, and you`re on the prowl for an office space for rent. Now, how do you ...


4 Tips for Selecting the Right Property for Your Restaurant

by MyEListing Staff | 2021-08-11

Without question, the COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the restaurant industry. Unfortunately, some establishments weren't able to ...


Choosing the Right Office Space to Maximize Employee Productivity

by MyEListing Staff | 2021-08-08

When searching for the perfect office space for sale, consider this: You can measurably increase your employees’ productivity by selecting a space that ...


Types of Office Spaces You Can Choose From and What You Can Expect Them to Look Like

by MyEListing Staff | 2021-08-05

Did you know that not all office space is created equal? I don’t just mean in terms of size and amenities either. There are many different office ...


Understanding the Rent to Revenue/Sales Ratio Both as a Prospective Tenant and Landlord

by MyEListing Staff | 2021-08-04

According to Harvard University's Joint Center For Housing Studies 2020 study, rental rates in the United States have been growing for the past twenty-nine ...


Houston Residents Head Back to Work

by MyEListing Staff | 2021-07-28

Business owners in the market for office space in Houston should have no problem finding what they are looking for. Currently, Houston has a vacancy ...


Short- or Long-Term Commercial Real Estate Leases: What`s Best for You?

by MyEListing Staff | 2021-07-27

When it comes to starting your own business, one of the first things you’ll have to do is secure a lease, whether that’s for an office space, a warehouse, or ...


What are Office Space Classifications and Deciding Which One is Right For You

by MyEListing Staff | 2021-07-23

Knowing what you want can be difficult when it comes to office spaces for lease, even if you’ve been in the professional world ...


Post pandemic, are open floor plan offices a thing of the past?

by MyEListing Staff | 2021-07-22

As workforces adapt to pandemic safety measures, a trending topic in commercial real estate is open floor plan offices: to lease them ...


Common Area Maintenance Fees

by MyEListing Staff | 2020-10-12

When creating a budget to rent a commercial property for office or retail business, it is important to include all expenses related to the rental space, including common area maintenance (CAM) costs beyond monthly rent payments. ...


Houston Coworking Space for Women

by MyEListing Staff | 2020-06-02

Two entrepreneurs in Houston have created the city`s first coworking space designed and operated specifically for female professionals in the workforce. Meredith Wheeler and Maggie Segrich offer a valuable service for working women in ...


5 Common Challenges for Co-working Facilities

by MyEListing Staff | 2019-10-15

The office workplace is continually being updated to fit the needs of todays workers and employers, many of whom are ...


Tenant Improvement Allowance Reimbursement

by MyEListing Staff | 2019-09-23

Commercial property landlords will frequently offer extra incentives to bring in new tenants in the form of a tenant improvement allowance reimbursement, also known as ...