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The Economics of RV Park Campgrounds: Revenue Streams and Financial Considerations

Published: 02-22-24    By: Luke Williams

Where's the Best Place to Buy Land?

Published: 01-26-24    By: Luke Williams

Return-to-Office Could Mean Less Revenue Growth

Published: 01-02-24    By: Brian Kidder

How the Residential Market Informs the Commercial Market

Published: 12-21-23    By: Guest Author

Top 10 Commercial Property Rental Markets

Published: 11-16-23    By: Luke Williams

Thanksgiving Dinner Affordability: A State-by-State Analysis

Published: 11-16-23    By: Luke Williams

The Fall of WeWork: A Tale of Mismanagement

Published: 11-14-23    By: Brian Kidder

Why Investors Discount Moody's US Credit Downgrade

Published: 11-14-23    By: Brian Kidder

Fannie Mae Turns Up Scrutiny on In-Process Loans

Published: 11-10-23    By: Brian Kidder

Weekly CRE News Roundup: Office Conversions, National Apartment Growth, & NYC Office Leasing

Published: 11-10-23    By: Luke Williams

The Economic Impact of Veteran Entrepreneurs

Published: 11-07-23    By: Brian Kidder

Examining the Impact of New Laws on Foreign Ownership of US Farmland

Published: 11-06-23    By: Brian Kidder

Unraveling the RealPage Rental Rate Algorithm Controversy

Published: 11-03-23    By: Brian Kidder

CMBS Office Loan Defaults Surge in September

Published: 10-31-23    By: Brian Kidder

CBRE's $150M Cost Reduction Plan to Strengthen Brokerage Business

Published: 10-30-23    By: Brian Kidder

Weekly CRE News Roundup: Las Vegas Multifamily, NYC Multifamily, & CRE Architects

Published: 10-27-23    By: Luke Williams

Home Prices Are Rising Faster Than Wages: The States Where It's the Worst

Published: 10-25-23    By: Luke Williams

Weekly CRE News Roundup: CRE Distress, Mortgage Applications, & Multifamily

Published: 10-20-23    By: Luke Williams

Live-Work Office Properties: A Blueprint for Work-life Integration

Published: 10-19-23    By: Luke Williams

The Meteoric Rise of the Luxury Retail Sector

Published: 10-18-23    By: Brian Kidder

Reshaping Industrial Distribution: Sustainable and Resilient Solutions

Published: 10-17-23    By: Luke Williams

Industrial Flex Buildings: Meeting the Challenges of Modern Commerce

Published: 10-16-23    By: Luke Williams

Weekly CRE News Roundup: Multifamily Rents, US Treasury, & Atlanta, GA

Published: 10-13-23    By: Luke Williams

Nightingale Agrees to Repay CrowdStreet Investors in Proposed Settlement

Published: 10-12-23    By: Brian Kidder

Navigating the Potholes: States With the Worst Road Infrastructure

Published: 10-11-23    By: Luke Williams

Weekly CRE News Roundup: Student Housing, NYC Office, & Multifamily

Published: 10-06-23    By: Luke Williams

Office Property Liabilities Balloon for Regional Banks

Published: 10-04-23    By: Brian Kidder

Middle Income Quintile Outspent Top Quintile on Healthcare in 2022

Published: 10-04-23    By: Brian Kidder

Weekly CRE News Roundup: US Multifamily, Rising Insurance, & Tax Legislation

Published: 09-29-23    By: Luke Williams

A Year After Hurricane Ian: Green Chutes Appear

Published: 09-29-23    By: Brian Kidder

The Transformative Potential of ARPA-H Hubs

Published: 09-28-23    By: Brian Kidder

Imposing Office Attendance Discounts Economic Reality

Published: 09-27-23    By: Brian Kidder

Weekly CRE News Roundup: Housing Formations, NYC Hotels, & the Fed

Published: 09-22-23    By: Luke Williams

The Top 50 US Cities With the Most Meaningful Income Gains

Published: 09-21-23    By: Brian Kidder

Weekly CRE News Roundup: Suburban Rents, Office Occupancy, & Manhattan Renters

Published: 09-15-23    By: Luke Williams

Banks Embrace the Federal Reserve's BTFP: Concerns and Clarifications

Published: 09-15-23    By: Brian Kidder

Nightingale and Crowdstreet Said to Be Negotiating Settlement

Published: 09-13-23    By: Brian Kidder

Class Action Suit Targets Yardi and Others in Rent-Fixing Allegations

Published: 09-12-23    By: Brian Kidder

Weekly CRE News Roundup: Public Housing, Office REITs, & SEC Fines

Published: 09-08-23    By: Luke Williams

A Labor Day Celebration of Black Americans' Economic Momentum

Published: 09-07-23    By: Brian Kidder

Weekly CRE News Roundup: CRE Sales, Student Housing, & NYC Cinema

Published: 09-01-23    By: Luke Williams

Here Are the Country's Most Productive States

Published: 08-30-23    By: Luke Williams

Brightline Rail: Creating New Opportunities in Florida and Elsewhere

Published: 08-29-23    By: Brian Kidder

Is the US in a Recession? Over Half of Small Businesses Believe So

Published: 08-28-23    By: Brian Kidder

Deconstructing NIMBYism's Grip on Long Island Development

Published: 08-28-23    By: Brian Kidder

Who's Buying Hospitals for Sale?

Published: 08-25-23    By: Luke Williams

Analyzing California's “Mansion Tax” Redistribution Scheme

Published: 08-25-23    By: Brian Kidder

Weekly CRE News Roundup: Brick-and-Mortar Retail, Stabilizing Rents, & Mall Resurgence

Published: 08-25-23    By: Luke Williams

Demystifying Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs)

Published: 08-23-23    By: Brian Kidder

Bank Downgrades and the Unraveling CRE Scene

Published: 08-22-23    By: Brian Kidder

Weekly CRE News Roundup: San Fran Property Owners, Construction Starts, & CRE Debt

Published: 08-18-23    By: Luke Williams

Stranded Office Assets: The Need for a Comprehensive Solution

Published: 08-17-23    By: Brian Kidder

How Migration Patterns of Remote Workers Shape New Economies

Published: 08-15-23    By: Brian Kidder

Banks Have Failed the Most in These Cities & States

Published: 08-14-23    By: Luke Williams

Are Migrating Remote Workers Driving the Market?

Published: 08-11-23    By: Brian Kidder

Weekly CRE News Roundup: Property Loans, Advanced Manufacturing, & Pre-Pandemic Leases

Published: 08-11-23    By: Luke Williams

Expert Advice for Those Moving From Austin to Dallas

Published: 08-07-23    By: Luke Williams

The Great Wealth Migration: The Flow of High-Income Earners Across States

Published: 08-01-23    By: Brian Kidder

Coworking Spaces Harness Hybrid Work, the Gig Economy, and Community

Published: 08-01-23    By: Brian Kidder

Weekly CRE News Roundup: Global CRE, Manhattan Offices, & San Fran Recovery

Published: 07-28-23    By: Luke Williams

PacWest and Banc of California to Form Regional Juggernaut

Published: 07-27-23    By: Brian Kidder

How a Healthy Real Estate Sector Creates a Prosperous City

Published: 07-24-23    By: Luke Williams

Weekly CRE News Roundup: Hidden Cost Disclosures, Bank Loans, & Office Distress

Published: 07-21-23    By: Luke Williams

Gateway to Growth: How Access to Shipping Facilities Drives Industrial Real Estate

Published: 07-21-23    By: Brian Kidder

Adapting to the Future: Hybrid Work, Office Conversions Can Avoid Stranded Assets

Published: 07-19-23    By: Brian Kidder

Weekly CRE News Roundup: $800B Office Depreciation, Affordable Housing Concerns, & NYC Construction

Published: 07-14-23    By: Luke Williams

Growth Unleashed: How New Technologies are Set to Increase Crop Yields and Farm Values

Published: 07-10-23    By: Brian Kidder

Landlords` United Stand: Implications of the Supreme Court Battle Over Rent Regulation

Published: 07-05-23    By: Brian Kidder

The Top 10 Cities in America for Blue Collar Workers

Published: 07-03-23    By: Luke Williams

Demographic Revolution: The Reshaping of U.S. Workforce and Its Impact on Commercial Real Estate

Published: 06-27-23    By: Brian Kidder

Quality of Life, Tax and Job Market Migration: Florida`s Juggernaut Trifecta

Published: 06-22-23    By: Brian Kidder

Industrial Property: Exploring The Drivers Behind Surging Values

Published: 06-19-23    By: Brian Kidder

Eurodollars: The Market You Probably Didn`t Know Existed

Published: 06-16-23    By: Brian Kidder

Transaction Costs: The Common Link Between Firms, Workplaces, and Families

Published: 06-14-23    By: Brian Kidder

Reinventing the Workplace: Three Cities` Strategies for Repurposing Unused Office Properties

Published: 06-13-23    By: Brian Kidder baltimore-a.jpg

Green Chutes Emerge In Baltimore: A Renaissance In The Making

Published: 06-08-23    By: Brian Kidder

Averting Economic Collapse: The Need For A Comprehensive Plan for Repurposing Office Spaces

Published: 06-06-23    By: Brian Kidder

Project REAP`s Noteworthy Breakthrough Approach to Talent Diversity in Commercial Real Estate

Published: 06-02-23    By: Brian Kidder

Unraveling the Economic Consequences of the Student Loan Payment Resumption

Published: 06-01-23    By: Brian Kidder

Hidden Implications: The Dangers of Regional Bank Consolidation in CRE

Published: 05-26-23    By: Brian Kidder

The Jones Act: A Handicap on American Advantage

Published: 05-26-23    By: Brian Kidder

Checkmate: The Influence of US Geostrategy on China`s Aspirations and Global Commercial Real Estate

Published: 05-23-23    By: Brian Kidder

The Blurring Lines: Technology, Remote Work, and the Reshaping of Modern Life

Published: 05-17-23    By: Brian Kidder

Unpacking Blackstone`s Strategy: Partnering with Regional Banks on CRE Loan Solutions

Published: 05-12-23    By: Brian Kidder

Unleashing Growth: The Imperative of Doubling Electrical Capacity and Industrial Plant in the US

Published: 05-11-23    By: Brian Kidder

Cities and States With the Worst Public Housing

Published: 05-10-23    By: Luke Williams

The Future of Finance: How CBDCs Transform Interbank Operations and Drive Innovation

Published: 05-09-23    By: Brian Kidder

Is The Bottom In For Office Properties?

Published: 05-08-23    By: Brian Kidder

Blaming Short Sellers: A Big Red Flag For Managers Of Public Companies

Published: 05-05-23    By: Brian Kidder

Regional Banks in Peril: The Critical Factors and Intimations of the Future of Financial Regulation

Published: 05-04-23    By: Brian Kidder

Federal Reserve Hikes For 10th Time This Cycle But Watching Multifamily REIT Managers Is Instructive

Published: 05-03-23    By: MyEListing Staff

Life Sciences REITs: A Specialty CRE Niche Set To Grow

Published: 05-02-23    By: Brian Kidder

JP Morgan Acquires First Republic In Bid For Greater Market Share And Confidence

Published: 05-01-23    By: Brian Kidder

REIT Short Sellers Help The CRE Market To More Accurately Reflect Value

Published: 04-28-23    By: Brian Kidder

Shifting the Affordable Housing Paradigm: Innovative Solutions and the Role of Education

Published: 04-27-23    By: Brian Kidder

Crypto Meets Compliance: How MyEListing Supports US Regulatory Efforts

Published: 04-26-23    By: Brian Kidder

The Little-Known Powerhouse Investment Vehicle For CRE: The Business Development Company (BDC)

Published: 04-25-23    By: Brian Kidder

Unlocking Hidden Potential: How Adaptive Reuse Transforms Commercial Properties

Published: 04-24-23    By: Brian Kidder

Nonbank Lenders: A Necessary Alternative or a Systemic Risk to the US Financial Sector?

Published: 04-21-23    By: Brian Kidder

Seize the Opportunity: Unleashing the Potential of Office to Industrial Conversions

Published: 04-21-23    By: Brian Kidder

Blackstone`s Proactive Approach to Avoiding a 2008 Financial Crisis Repeat

Published: 04-20-23    By: Brian Kidder

Turning Water Scarcity into Opportunity: Investment Strategies in the Southwest Water Crisis

Published: 04-19-23    By: Brian Kidder

The Domino Effect of Overvalued Properties on Recession Risks in Commercial Real Estate

Published: 04-18-23    By: Brian Kidder

The Fallacy of De-dollarization: A Misguided Narrative for the Uninformed

Published: 04-17-23    By: Brian Kidder

Commercial Real Estate`s Achilles Heel: The Office Subsector in Focus

Published: 04-14-23    By: Brian Kidder

Commercial Real Estate Market Faces Uncertainty: Unpacking Arbor Realty Trust`s Fraud Allegations

Published: 04-12-23    By: Brian Kidder

The Hidden Threat to CRE Valuations: The Role Of Escalating Insurance Premiums

Published: 04-11-23    By: MyEListing Staff

Digital Dilemma: How AML Enforcement is Shaping the Future of Crypto-Linked Institutions

Published: 04-10-23    By: Brian Kidder

Zombie Office Properties: Overcoming Illiquidity with Innovative Repurposing Solutions

Published: 04-07-23    By: Brian Kidder

Cryptocurrency`s Global Impact: The Geopolitical Race for Technological Dominance

Published: 04-05-23    By: Brian Kidder

The Perfect Storm: Exploring The Potential Losses From Poorly-Hedged CRE Exposure

Published: 04-03-23    By: Brian Kidder

Make the Most of a Recession: Investing in Real Estate for Stability

Published: 03-31-23    By: Brian Kidder

A Tale of Two Sectors: Exploring the Industrial Boom and Office Gloom in Major US Cities

Published: 03-29-23    By: Brian Kidder

Navigating the Shadows: Systemic Risks in the World of Non-Bank Lending

Published: 03-27-23    By: Brian Kidder

Homelessness in the United States: A State-by-State Comparative Analysis

Published: 03-24-23    By: Luke Williams

Office REITs on the Brink: How Savvy Investors are Finding Opportunities in Chaos

Published: 03-23-23    By: Brian Kidder

Move Ahead Faster: 10 Powerful Tactics To Accelerate Your Wealth

Published: 03-21-23    By: Brian Kidder

Ahead Of The Game: How ABWs and Vertical Farming Are Changing The Landscape

Published: 03-17-23    By: Brian Kidder

Brace for Impact: West Coast Real Estate Faces the Dark Side of Banking Selloffs

Published: 03-14-23    By: Brian Kidder

The FDIC`s Crackdown On Bad Risk Management And AML Practices; How Some Banks Are Failing To Keep Up

Published: 03-13-23    By: Brian Kidder

Avoid The Pain Of Soaring Property Taxes With Our Guide: The 5 Best And Worst US Property Tax Cities

Published: 03-13-23    By: Brian Kidder

Converting Vacant Office Space into Innovative Workspaces: The Future of Class B and C Properties

Published: 03-09-23    By: Brian Kidder

The Top Data Center REITs To Watch In 2023

Published: 03-08-23    By: Brian Kidder

Why Savvy Investors are Turning to Second-Tier Industrial Cities

Published: 03-06-23    By: Brian Kidder

Investing in Warehouse Property: A Primer

Published: 03-03-23    By: Brian Kidder

Multifamily Real Estate: How Rising Inflation and Job Losses are Shaping the Market in 2023

Published: 03-02-23    By: Brian Kidder

Industrial Real Estate Outlook 2023: Trends and Opportunities to Watch

Published: 03-01-23    By: Brian Kidder

Strategic Default: Comparing New York To Los Angeles

Published: 02-28-23    By: Brian Kidder

Cities With the Largest Wealth Gains From Home Ownership

Published: 02-28-23    By: Luke Williams

Navigating Risks in Commercial Real Estate Investment: Lessons from American Assets Trust`s Portfoli

Published: 02-28-23    By: Brian Kidder

Why Financial Stability Is Crucial For Sustainable Economic Growth

Published: 02-24-23    By: Brian Kidder -a-look-at.jpg

Vulnerable Cities: A Look at the US Cities at Highest Risk of Commercial Real Estate Loan Defaults

Published: 02-23-23    By: Brian Kidder -the-five-sweet.jpg

The Future of AI Investment: 5 Cities to Watch

Published: 02-22-23    By: Brian Kidder

Is now the time to buy office REITs? 3 Specific Insights for Investors

Published: 02-22-23    By: Brian Kidder -the-digital-age -the.jpg

Powering the Digital Age: The Top 5 US Cities for Data Center Investment in 2023

Published: 02-20-23    By: Brian Kidder

Top 10 Best and Worst CRE Investment Markets for 2023

Published: 02-13-23    By: Luke Williams

Revolutionizing the Industry: The Benefits of AI for Commercial Real Estate Investors and Developers

Published: 02-10-23    By: Brian Kidder .jp

Maximizing Returns While Minimizing Risks: A Guide To The Risk - Return Spectrum

Published: 02-06-23    By: Brian Kidder

Where Are The Lowest-Risk Cities To Invest In Commercial Real Estate in 2023?

Published: 01-26-23    By: Brian Kidder

The Five Highest Risk Cities For CRE Investment In 2023

Published: 01-20-23    By: Brian Kidder

The Most and Least Prosperous Cities in America in 2023

Published: 01-18-23    By: Luke Williams

2023 US CRE Economic Outlook Contains Bright Spots

Published: 01-11-23    By: Brian Kidder

Blackrock Gates UK Property Fund Redemptions As New Geoeconomic Paradigms Take Hold

Published: 01-06-23    By: Brian Kidder

2022 Investment Insights Recap and 2023 Outlook

Published: 01-05-23    By: Brian Kidder

How McDonald's Became One of the Largest Real Estate Companies in the World

Published: 01-04-23    By: Luke Williams

Most Expensive US Cities to Live and Work in 2023

Published: 12-21-22    By: Luke Williams

The Story Of Cryptocurrency And What Problem It Solved

Published: 12-20-22    By: Brian Kidder

Recent Ongoing Protests In China Are A Huge Deal

Published: 12-15-22    By: Brian Kidder

These Are the 25 Best Cities to Holiday Shop in America

Published: 12-13-22    By: Luke Williams

How the Collapse of FTX Could Affect Real Estate

Published: 12-12-22    By: Luke Williams

Cities Experiencing the Highest Multifamily Rent Increases as of Q3 2022

Published: 12-09-22    By: Luke Williams

Cities Where Rent Growth Is Slowing Down the Most as of Q3 2022

Published: 12-08-22    By: Luke Williams

Preparing for a Recession in Commercial Real Estate

Published: 11-30-22    By: Luke Williams

The Best and Worst Cities for Women in Real Estate

Published: 11-29-22    By: Luke Williams

The States and Cities Where Rent Will Cost You the Highest Percentage of Your Income

Published: 11-14-22    By: Luke Williams

National Warehouse Market Shows Signs of Slowdown in Q3 2022

Published: 11-11-22    By: Luke Williams

Cities With the Highest Office Space Availability as of Q3 2022

Published: 11-10-22    By: Luke Williams

Student Housing Sector Breaks Records in Q3 2022

Published: 11-07-22    By: Luke Williams

Slow Rolling Levered Loans Portend More Uncertainty In 2023

Published: 11-03-22    By: Brian Kidder

The Theme Behind World Events And What It Means For Portfolios

Published: 10-27-22    By: Brian Kidder

Industrial Property To Benefit From US National Security Investment

Published: 10-24-22    By: Brian Kidder

Chip Wars Escalate, Increasing Risk of Capital Flight to US

Published: 10-21-22    By: Brian Kidder

City Zoning Departments Hold The Key To Office Property Value Improvement

Published: 10-14-22    By: Brian Kidder

Thanks to Inflation, Stress Levels Are the Highest in These States & Cities

Published: 10-13-22    By: Luke Williams

Is Multifamily Finally Starting To Crack?

Published: 10-10-22    By: Brian Kidder

Real Outlook Worsens For Office, Retail Properties

Published: 10-04-22    By: Brian Kidder

5 Actionable Ways CRE Brokers Can Tap Red-Hot Foreign Capital Pools

Published: 09-26-22    By: Brian Kidder

How Remote Work Is Reshaping America`s Urban Geography

Published: 09-19-22    By: Brian Kidder

What Does The Russian Strategic Collapse Mean For CRE?

Published: 09-15-22    By: Brian Kidder

These Three Impending Geopolitical Events Will Drive US Cap Rates

Published: 09-08-22    By: Brian Kidder

How We Recover From The Office Real Estate Apocalypse

Published: 09-01-22    By: Brian Kidder

Are Multifamily Properties In A Bubble?

Published: 08-31-22    By: Brian Kidder -chinese.jpg

3 Unexpected Ways The Chinese Economy Affects US Commercial Real Estate

Published: 08-26-22    By: Brian Kidder

To Make Better Market Predictions, Understand System Dynamics

Published: 08-24-22    By: Brian Kidder

How To Build A Better Investment Model

Published: 08-22-22    By: Brian Kidder

The Great Reshoring of American Industry

Published: 08-19-22    By: Brian Kidder

What Is Inflation? How Does It Affect Your Investments?

Published: 07-18-22    By: Brian Kidder

The Booming Office Space Sector in Miami: A Detailed Analysis

Published: 04-18-22    By: Luke Williams

2022 CRE Trends in Austin, TX

Published: 04-06-22    By: Luke Williams

2022 Multifamily Market Trends in Chicago, Illinois

Published: 03-23-22    By: Luke Williams

2022 Multifamily Market Trends in Denver, Colorado

Published: 03-21-22    By: Luke Williams

2022 Property Patterns & Trends in Port Charlotte, FL

Published: 03-17-22    By: Luke Williams

2022 CRE Market Trends in Vancouver, WA

Published: 03-17-22    By: Luke Williams

Retail Sector in Atlanta, GA Poised for a Resilient Recovery in 2022

Published: 03-16-22    By: Luke Williams

CRE Market Trends in Jacksonville, Florida

Published: 03-10-22    By: Luke Williams

Amid Rising Storefront Rents, NYC Proposes Commercial Regulation

Published: 10-15-21    By: Luke Williams