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Good demographics make for good decisions

by MyEListing Staff | 2021-08-24

Demography is the science of vital and social statistics and is one of the most accurate tools we have for understanding trends. It tells us ...


A Mini Guide to the Commercial Industrial Warehouse Market

by MyEListing Staff | 2021-08-17

The industrial property real estate market is booming as more and more businesses implement eCommerce and store their inventory off-site ...


The Fate of Private Commercial Real Estate in 2021

by MyEListing Staff | 2021-08-16

The long-lasting effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are starting to take shape on the commercial real estate market ...


Even with a Sluggish Economy, the Commercial Real Estate Market in Boston is Booming

by MyEListing Staff | 2021-08-07

In Massachusetts, Boston has the same challenges as any other similarly-sized metro area. However, despite turbulence in the national economy ...


7 Steps to Purchasing Commercial Real Estate Property in Austin, TX

by MyEListing Staff | 2021-06-01

It is no longer news that commercial real estate is one of the most lucrative investment vehicles worldwide. Investing in real estate is ...


Real Estate Entitlement Process

by MyEListing Staff | 2020-11-16

Undeveloped land must go through a real estate entitlement process with local regulatory agencies and the community at large before development can begin ...


Common Area Maintenance Fees

by MyEListing Staff | 2020-10-12

When creating a budget to rent a commercial property for office or retail business, it is important to include all expenses related to the rental space, including common area maintenance (CAM) costs beyond monthly rent payments. ...