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Development: Absorb everything there is to know about flipping and building commercial property: what turns an abandoned warehouse from trash to treasure? What supply chain logistics go into building commercial property? How can landowners build income-generating opportunities on their developed and undeveloped land? What’s the best way to profitably flip a hotel for sale? How do zoning regulations work?

Beyond the Classroom: Reimagining Educational Facilities for Profit

Published: 03-19-24    By: Luke Williams

Developing Garden Land Properties for Commercial Use

Published: 02-15-24    By: Luke Williams

Exploring Dallas-Fort Worth: The Hottest Construction Job Opportunities

Published: 01-11-24    By: Luke Williams

The Art of Land Assembly in Washington's Commercial Real Estate

Published: 11-08-23    By: Luke Williams

Start Your Own Bed & Breakfast Business With These Tips

Published: 08-29-23    By: Luke Williams

Inspecting the Worksite: Ensuring Safe and Productive Real Estate Projects

Published: 08-10-23    By: Luke Williams

Office Buildings Reimagined: Hospitality Conversions Unlock New Potential

Published: 05-10-23    By: Brian Kidder

5 Tips for Transforming Your Etsy Business Into a Retail Storefront

Published: 01-03-23    By: Luke Williams

Understanding What Turns Warehouses from Trash to Treasure

Published: 02-22-22    By: Luke Williams

Dallas Commercial Developments in 2022: Self-Storage, Multifamily, and Flexible Zoning

Published: 02-16-22    By: Luke Williams

Managing Commercial Real Estate Development Expectations

Published: 11-17-21    By: Luke Williams

Creative Warehouse Conversions CRE Investors Should Know

Published: 10-26-21    By: Luke Williams

Turning Office Space Into the Next CRE Opportunity

Published: 10-24-21    By: Luke Williams

How to Size Up Land in Iowa for Real Estate Development

Published: 10-12-21    By: Luke Williams

California Land Is Ripe for Real Estate Development

Published: 09-22-21    By: Luke Williams

Improve Your Commercial Property Listing by Understanding Zoning Laws

Published: 07-09-21    By: Victoria K

Real Estate Entitlement Process

Published: 11-16-20    By: MyEListing Staff