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Learn about major factors that help not only build and design but determine the value of commercial property: which amenities make a commercial property valuable? How do office space classifications work? How do you select the right commercial property for your business? How is a profitable property designed? How does commercial real estate go from an idea to real property?


What Is Industrial Real Estate?

by MyEListing Staff | 2022-06-17

Industrial real estate is a broad term encompassing any type of commercial space that is used for industrial purposes. Learn about industrial real estate and its profitable be ...


Outlay Costs for an Agriculture Business in South Carolina

by MyEListing Staff | 2021-10-10

When you have a piece of land that has potential, you can begin looking closer at the type of agriculture business you want to build. ...


4 Tips for Selecting the Right Property for Your Restaurant

by MyEListing Staff | 2021-08-11

Without question, the COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the restaurant industry. Unfortunately, some establishments weren't able to ...


Choosing the Right Office Space to Maximize Employee Productivity

by MyEListing Staff | 2021-08-08

When searching for the perfect office space for sale, consider this: You can measurably increase your employees’ productivity by selecting a space that ...


Types of Office Spaces You Can Choose From and What You Can Expect Them to Look Like

by MyEListing Staff | 2021-08-05

Did you know that not all office space is created equal? I don’t just mean in terms of size and amenities either. There are many different office ...


Houston Residents Head Back to Work

by MyEListing Staff | 2021-07-28

Business owners in the market for office space in Houston should have no problem finding what they are looking for. Currently, Houston has a vacancy ...


What are Office Space Classifications and Deciding Which One is Right For You

by MyEListing Staff | 2021-07-23

Knowing what you want can be difficult when it comes to office spaces for lease, even if you’ve been in the professional world ...


Post pandemic, are open floor plan offices a thing of the past?

by MyEListing Staff | 2021-07-22

As workforces adapt to pandemic safety measures, a trending topic in commercial real estate is open floor plan offices: to lease them ...


Houston Coworking Space for Women

by MyEListing Staff | 2020-06-02

Two entrepreneurs in Houston have created the city`s first coworking space designed and operated specifically for female professionals in the workforce. Meredith Wheeler and Maggie Segrich offer a valuable service for working women in ...