Top 10 Office Necessities for 2023 and Beyond

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Top 10 office necessities for 2023

The arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 revolutionized the way we work and was the beginning of a global experiment: working from home.

Two months after a global pandemic was declared, around 48.7 million people (about 35% of the employed workforce) reported that they had worked from home in the prior weeks.

While many staff members still prefer to work remotely, others have returned to the office. We’ve also seen the emergence of the hybrid work trend, where workers split their work hours between home and office.

No matter where you and your staff are working, it’s important to keep up with office technology and trends.

Your Checklist for Success

Top 10 office necessities for 2023 and beyond

Here are details of the top 10 office necessities to be prepared for success in 2023 and beyond.

All apply, no matter if you’re planning to work remotely, return to your office, or adapt a hybrid work schedule.

#1 – Prepare for New Technology

While virtual and augmented reality systems are already being adapted by some businesses, these will be adapted in additional ways during 2023 and beyond.

  • Virtual reality is especially popular with real estate brokers, as it enables buyers to virtually visit a building before purchase.
  • Augmented reality goes a step further, with real-world objects and settings overlaid with sound, video, graphics, or GPS data.

Another type of technology to keep up with, one that keeps you safe online no matter where you are, is the virtual private network (VPN).

#2 – Expand Your Security With the Right VPN

In addition to protecting your data from hackers, the right VPN provider can help you access geo-locked content outside your area or country.

In addition, a VPN is essential when you’re traveling, as you can safely access public wifi. Now’s the time to make sure your current VPN provides all these.

Online safety is important. But so is your ability to communicate immediately with workmates, share files, and more.

#3 – Review Your Internal Communications Software

Instant messaging apps are essential for companies with a combined remote/office workforce.

  • While popular apps like Slack support instant chat and document exchanges, you may want to go further by test-driving Jostle or Whispir.
  • Larger companies with 500 or more employees may benefit by switching to theEMPLOYEEapp.

After you’ve improved your corporate intranet’s health, it’s time to think about yourself.

Top 10 office necessities for 2023 and beyond

#4 – Bump Up Your Vitamin D

If your office area has been downsized, it may be time to revisit the lighting. Natural light increases productivity and all-around health.

Options include installing full-spectrum natural light bulbs, a skylight, or simply moving your desk near a window.

Another way to increase your productivity is to look at specialized computer applications for your business.

#5 – Upgrade Your Office Software

Office suites specialized for your industry may boost productivity. Boutique accounting firms may want to check out Sage Accounting, while real estate agents may want to incorporate a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) suite like Contactually.

Another way to increase productivity is to improve your on-the-job wellness. A simple way to achieve this is a standing desk.

#6 – Upgrade to a Standing Desk

If you haven’t yet begun working with a standing desk, consider adding it to your 2023 budget.

In addition to increased productivity, a standing desk provides major health benefits and often helps reduce back pain.

Reducing your own pain is important, but so is increasing any potential hackers’ frustration.

#7 – Get Aggressive With Hackers

Did you know that you have several options to keep hackers from stealing your private data or even attempting blackmail?

Applications used by “ethical hackers”—paid specialists who will attempt to break into your system to test for weaknesses—are available to you, too.

For example, Nessus and Tenable apps provide “vulnerability management” and other safety features.

Now that you know how to ruin a hacker’s day, here’s how to improve your staff vibes on the daily.

Top 10 office necessities for 2023 and beyond

#8 – Warm Up Your Office Vibe

Even with historically low employment, today’s workers are not always happy with their jobs or office atmosphere.

  • Research has discovered that 44% of employees are feeling stressed, and around 20% plan to change jobs in 2023.
  • However, 75% of employees likely to be loyal to employers committed to their wellbeing.

Newer “experience platform” apps like HowNow and OfficeVibe can offer support for your entire organization or to certain segments, such as your remote, sales, or marketing workforce.

Another strategy for retaining staff: additional training. This is known as upskilling, and it can be equally valuable to your own career.

#9 – Look Into Upskilling

Research has shown that, in 2023 and beyond, companies will prioritize hiring candidates who exhibit upskilling over those with tenure and experience. This means it’s an ideal time to add to your existing skills.

Some examples of upskilling include:

  • Taking a coding workshop to build on your programming knowledge.
  • Attending a virtual conference to learn about emerging industry trends.

Now that you’ve learned how to make 2023 one of your best yet for your colleagues or staff, take a few minutes to think about your personal priorities.

#10 – Revisit Your Own Work/Life Balance

This has changed dramatically in the last three years. Many workers traded in long commutes and daycare for remote offices during the first months of the pandemic.

Eventually, more workers opted to keep the remote office or go “hybrid,” with a percentage of time spent in the office.

  • While remote workers often work more efficiently than their office counterparts, they may not be turning in the same volume of work as before.
  • Or, they may have fallen into the habit of always prioritizing the “must dos” while the secondary, “need to do” priorities are postponed.
  • Some executive coaches have suggested that we rethink our work/life balance by sorting tasks into three categories: want, should, or need.

If you accept these three, you can begin to create a graphic or even a pie chart of your work/life balance, based on this categorization.

Take Your Career a Step Further in 2023 and Beyond

As we continue to navigate the journey back to the office, it’s well-worth taking the time to go through this checklist of must-haves, so you’ll be fully prepared to take your career to 2023 and beyond.

Ultimately, we all need to step back and gain a clear understanding of how organizations are structuring long-term options and how we can contribute our skills most effectively — at home or at the office.

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