6 Revenue-Generating Ideas for Landowners in Florida

Published: 03-18-22    Category: Investing

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Land for sale in Florida.

There’s something about land ownership that feels different compared to other types of commercial real estate. While land has a complicated history in the United States, the emotional drive to own and use land is clear and easy to understand. Land makes people feel comfortable, connected, and secure.

In a commercial sense, the land is the foundation of profit, of power, of moving forward. There are active and passive ways to make money from land, and the road ahead will vary based on the landowner’s specific tastes.

Take Florida, for example: the Sunshine State is definitely full of land. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the total land area in Florida is 53,625 square miles. That’s a lot of land, and available land listings are still plentiful despite growing competition.

Looking for land is only the beginning. Making the land profitable is also a top priority. So if you’re looking for land for sale in Orlando or some other part of Florida, it’s time to check out these six revenue-generating ideas for landowners.

#1 – RV Campgrounds

According to a recent survey from Ipsos, over 11.2 households in the US owned an RV in 2021. This is up by 26% compared to the 8.9 million households in 2011. RV travelers like sunshine, fresh air, and access to amenities on the road. If that doesn’t describe the Sunshine State, nothing does.

Building RV campground space on existing land wouldn’t be that difficult. The amount of amenities is completely up to you. It is important to make sure electrical outlets are available, as most RV people want to be able to plug in rather than just boondocking.

#2 – Horse Stables

Horses, in Florida? It’s actually a lot more common than people think. In fact, according to the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Florida ranks as the 3rd largest equine state in the United States. It has a population of over 385,000 horses.

While you might not dream about long days galloping through the fields and over hills, plenty of people are absolutely crazy about horses. They want to make sure that their horses get the best of care, and that would include where they live. Most people cannot have a horse live right on their property, so they’re already accustomed to storing the horse at another location.

Horses need a fair bit of land, and building stables might not work for every landowner. Still, stabling horses is a great source of ongoing revenue. If horse owners like the place, they tend to keep the horse there for a long time.

#3 – Community Gardens

A community garden is often a pipe dream for people in apartments and other tight spaces, but who says that they can’t simply come onto your land instead? Setting up community gardens is time-intensive, but it truly becomes a joint effort.

People will spend a lot of time helping plant seeds, raise beds, and join forces to grow food and flowers alike.

It would be easy to take things to the next level by offering a farmer’s market on the same spot as the community garden. People can come to admire the gardens and also take advantage of Florida’s long growing season by buying veggies, fruits, and handmade goods.

#4 – Cultivate Hemp

Growing hemp is not the same as growing cannabis. The demand for hemp is higher than ever, and it is perfectly legal to grow hemp in the state of Florida. It does require having permits and clearing other rules before just planting a bunch of hemp seeds, but it can yield awesome revenue.

Most will find that growing hemp isn’t impossible, but it does require its own set of rules and good practices.

Start small and work your way up; don’t rush through the learning process. It may take a few dry runs before you’re ready to grow hemp on a commercial scale, but it can be fun to learn how to grow something different.

If all else fails, you can always let someone with experience growing hemp use your land to do so. It’s still a win-win situation either way.

#5 – Subleasing

Leasing to multiple people can get tricky, but with the right amount of land, anything is possible. Multiple tenants mean multiple incomes and a hedge against uncertainties.

If one tenant suddenly can’t fulfill their obligation, the income from the others can be enough to deal with the issue until things either improve or a new tenant is acquired.

#6 – Mobile Home Communities

Have trailer, will travel? Most mobile homes don’t move that far or even move that often, but landowners can make good, fairly passive income by building a mobile home community.

Some people just do not care for the traditional wood or brick homes and prefer the lower cost found through mobile homes instead.

Building the mobile home park will take some time as it’s important to look at zoning and other regulations, but the reality is that once people know there’s an empty space in a good location, they will inquire about what it would cost them to live in the mobile home community.

Offering deals to people to get word of mouth and a good reputation going is never a bad idea.

More Ideas Ahead

These six revenue-generating ideas are just a starting point. The best way to make land for sale in Orlando, FL useful is to keep your ear to the ground in the community itself. Connecting people to solutions is always profitable, which means there are a lot more ideas that meet the eye.

For example, a car wash could become a really good revenue generator. You could open up the land to someone else to build a project and just collect rent, or even end up selling the land after a time and starting all over again with another piece of land.

Success tends to beget more success, so build a plan and dive in!

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