Top 5 Counties to Buy Land for Sale in Florida

Published: 09-13-21    Category: Investing

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We see a parcel of land for sale in Florida.

This article was updated on 8/10/2023.

Florida offers residents a paradise of beachside views and beautiful arrays of nature. Many are rushing to buy land for sale in Florida due to the availability and potential that vacant rural lands have in the state.

Recreational use, investments, and commercial use are typical for Florida's private lots. The diverse terrains across the state call for different regulations and zoning laws, but nearly any purpose can be fulfilled somewhere in Florida.

Finding the right county to buy land for sale in Florida is essential for an effective start to your project. Check out what you should know before buying your sunshine sanctuary and our list of the best counties to settle in.

What Do I Need to Know About Buying Land for Sale in Florida?

Buyers of land for sale in Florida must consider the feasibility of what they are looking to accomplish with their new land when they start searching. Access, utilities, landscaping, environmental assessments, and other aspects of owning property are regulated throughout the counties and can vary depending on which county your land for sale sits in. Additionally, there are general expectations set by the state itself for all acreage owners to follow.

Development Restrictions

Development restrictions include the maximum height a building can stand at, minimum lot sizes, parking space requirements, and more. Since each county has its own set of restrictions for the varying purposes of land use, contacting a professional broker and researching where and what you can build will greatly ease the process.

Purchasing remote rural land for sale in Florida is an attractive way of finding a serene space of your own. When it comes to mostly undeveloped land, access to utilities and roads can be limited. In these cases, restrictions can be more strict as well as expensive to follow, since adding utilities and maintaining road access can be costly.

Florida is a state that takes the environmental health of its lands seriously by regulating landscaping requirements and prioritizing land conservation in certain areas. For example, if constructing or operating somewhere will impact wetlands, the state will require an environmental resources permit from the initiator.

Just as rural land for sale in Florida surrounded by wetlands has its own regulations, urban planning in Florida will have other concerns and laws surrounding private acreage ownership.

Zoning Laws

The operation of certain businesses and pets on premises are just a couple of issues that zoning laws address. The purpose of building in an industrial or urban area will bring about a unique set of zoning laws to follow.

Zoning maps distinguish districts from one another for recognition of zoning areas. Specific zoning codes are curated for each type of land use and its amenities, even down to the chimney and swimming pool. Zoning laws for businesses and farms are defined by the type of products and services delivered or created on-premises.

As a future land owner in Florida, you can greatly benefit from trusting a real estate advisor to navigate the complexity of zoning regulations.

Unpredictable Weather

Florida is no stranger to the consequences of extreme weather and climate changes. Although the number of regulations that property owners must follow can be overwhelming, necessary building codes have been implemented to prevent damage caused by unpredictable weather. These codes change based on location and how impacted areas have been by past natural disasters.

Building codes can be an effective safety measure, but take some time to research whether or not the land for sale in Florida you're looking at is especially vulnerable to weather. If you don't want to take chances with susceptible areas like the coast, then you may want to look more inland for property.

Property governance and climate considerations are significant factors in determining where to settle when buying land for sale in Florida. Some of the most desirable counties to reside in hold attributes that make the hard work of compliance worth it.

#5 – Marion County

Home to Ocala, the horse capital of the world, Marion County satisfies the hearts of equestrians and adventurers. The Ocala National Forest spans 607 square miles over Central Florida and is the state's second largest national forest. Understandably, the forest has captured the hearts of locals and visitors with its scenic trails and spring waters.

The land for sale in Marion County can be your next destination for a private ranch or equestrian training center.

#4 – Citrus County

Private and public islands make Citrus County the ultimate paradise hotspot of Florida. The Crystal River and Three Sisters Springs allow swimming, exploration, and close-ups with wildlife. Island properties are available in this county as well as ranches and farms, making it a prime spot to buy land for sale in Florida.

#3 – Collier County

Swamp sanctuaries, beaches, and gardens are just some of the pleasures Collier County locals delight in. With Naples as the heart of the county, Collier offers beachside accesses and economic opportunities for entrepreneurs, as proven by its status in the Top 20 Fastest Growing Counties. Aviation and cleantech are just a couple of the industries that are currently booming in the county.

#2 – Charlotte County

The Charlotte Harbor Estuary and the Island Bay National Wildlife Refuge are open to the public to enjoy responsibly and observe the wildlife that the county has carefully taken massive steps to preserve. The area tends to be quieter than most Florida areas, which is why migrators have chosen Charlotte County to reside in.

#1 – Lee County

If you're looking for the beach, you don't have to look far in Lee County. Access to 50 miles of beaches comes at an inexpensive cost in this county. Fort Myers's lack of busyness and hurry culture attracts many to start a new lifestyle there. Additionally, those looking for hunting land and rural acreage can find their next property here.

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