5 Common Challenges for Co-working Facilities

The office workplace is continually being updated to fit the needs of today’s workers and employers, many of whom are using co-working facilities to create a more collaborative environment. As companies and employees ask what is co-working space and put the innovative way to run an office into practice, there is an adjustment period with several different challenges to overcome.

Co-working facilities are designed to create an atmosphere of accessibility and convenience to allow workers to be more efficient and productive than if they were working from home or at a coffee shop.

5 Common Challenges for Co-working Facilities

The following are among the most common challenges workers face when working in co-working facilities.

1. Noise and Other Distractions

Working in such close proximity to others has those in co-working facilities finding ways to block out noise pollution and other distractions that come with the normal operations in an office environment. Workers in co-working spaces turn to noise-canceling headphones to block out distractions that make it difficult to concentrate. Design elements and adjustments can help to ease noise, with managers sometimes using physical barriers to help reduce excess noise.

2. Lack of Privacy

The communal and collaborative goals of co-working facilities contribute to workers having a lack of privacy when they need it. Design and layout are crucial to set up enough of an opportunity for workers to get some privacy when performing individual work. Designating certain common area rooms to be used for phone calls and personal meetings will help to provide private areas for business functions.

3. Small Workspaces

One of the primary functions of utilizing co-working facilities is to get as many people working in the office as possible. The use of computers and other digital devices has lessened the need for physical papers and cabinets. However, space is still needed to be consistently efficient and productive in the workplace. Workers who feel cramped in their workstations will not be as comfortable or productive as they might be with more space to work.

4. Inadequate Equipment, Technology

With the expectations of so many people working in a small area, there needs to be enough properly working equipment with updated technological features to allow workers to do their jobs efficiently. A lack of power plugs, printers, or chairs can inhibit the productivity of the employees. Computers and software need to be updated and installed for all workstations.

5. Lack of Security

Shared Wi-Fi and physical spaces raise concerns about the security and safety of employees in co-working facilities. Video security cameras, an updated security system, and security guards can all be used to make the workplace safer and more secure for employees.

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