Benefits of Flex Space

Businesses looking for office space that includes warehouse, distribution, and storage availability are more often looking at office flex space as the most efficient and cost-effective solution. Flex space is a popular commercial real estate option used by businesses of all sizes and types to save money and provide a working environment for your employees that promote shared experiences, higher productivity, and an increase in business and profits.

The ability to telecommute, clocking in and out from remote locations, is having an impact on the commercial real estate industry. Office environments now have to become more flexible with employees’ working patterns to adjust to a changing digital work environment.

Available warehouse flex space has nearly doubled in the last few years, as businesses are seeing the value with increased productivity among employees. But exactly what is flex space, and what are the benefits to employers?

What is Flex Space?

Flex space is now a common term in the commercial real estate sector used to describe industrial or warehouse space that has the flexibility to transform sections of wide-open spaces into office flex space. These spaces promote diversity and inclusiveness in the workplace, providing the space to form a collaborative environment. This empowers workers and enables a more creative approach to project management and problem-solving solutions.

Benefits of Office Flex Space to Businesses, Employees


“Flex” is short for flexibility, and office flex space allows your business the flexibility to grow and adapt to a changing marketplace. Taking advantage of a warehouse flex space will keep future conversion costs down and offer the chance to utilize more space without having to move.

Employee Interaction

All employees are on the same team, but there is a separation and disconnect if they do not all work in the same building or facility. There is a great benefit to a business and its employees to have the warehouse and distribution areas under the same roof as the office and administration personnel. Office flex spaces will keep the lines of communication open and bring everyone together to form one large cohesive and collaborative team. Having all of the departments in your business in one facility will also save money on having to carry more than one lease to accommodate all departments of the operation.

Direct Access to Office Area

Instead of clients having to walk through a loud, confusing, and disorienting loading dock, warehouse, or distribution space to get to the office, flex space offers the ability to have a completely separate entrance to get to administrative areas. Clients appreciate having more direct access to your office and administrative spaces.

High Ceilings

Because they are a part of a large industrial facility, the ceilings of warehouse flex space are typically upwards of 12-16 feet tall. This allows for even more flexibility to use it for distribution and storage needs, as well as the ability to convert areas into office flex spaces.


Industrial facilities with warehouse flex space are essentially blank canvases with which to create the ideal working environment that caters to your business’ specific needs and requirements. The cost of the rental space will be less expensive, and then you decide how much you want to spend to build up your office and administrative areas.

High-Profile Locations

A typical office flex space sits within the convenience of a business park, which helps to draw both potential clients and a higher quality of employees.

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