About Us



This website exists for one purpose: to have a place for everyone to list and find commercial properties for FREE.

The rate that other companies charge for services is a complete joke and a clear monopoly .

Additionally, efficient real estate data collecting is an impossible task. Word of mouth data gathering is futile and quickly turns inaccurate. Besides appearing fancy to our clients, data from any website is either out of date or not truly comparable.

We are done paying $8,000.00 a year only because we feel that we owe our clients a fiduciary duty and that the commercial real estate marketing monopoly has backed us into a corner. No agent should have to pay an annual fee of $10,000.00 to simply exist in the commercial market. Licensing and continuing education fees are expensive enough.


We also NEVER spam  our clients with e-mails and advertisements, except to start up the business – we had to get the word out.And we will not  sell an ounce of data, including email lists, like a dang communist ever.

Only if you want, we will send property e-mail notifications. It is cool as heck. In summary, you tell us what area and type of properties you are looking for, and we will send you an e-mail every time  a new listing posts that meets your criteria. Again, we will NEVER send you anything else, unless you ask us to.

And don’t think even for a second that in 9 months we will slip in a $10.00 fee all of a sudden. We don’t have an end game, we are simply Americans who stand up to bullying.

Thank you, and we will continue to make improvements to the site, we are truly excited for what’s to come.