5 Ways to Make Your Office Go Green

It has never been more important to find ways to increase office sustainability in the products and procedures in the workplace. Many companies have begun green office initiatives to track their progress to become more eco-friendly and save money in the process.

Making small adjustments to the way your office works can make significant impacts on the amount of energy that can be saved during the operation of the workplace. Replacing electronics and other office appliances and products can act as a series of long-term green office initiatives offices across the country are using to become more eco-friendly and save money on energy costs in the process.

5 Ways to Increase Office Sustainability and Get Your Workspace to Go Green

The following are some common-sense green tips for the office used to conserve energy in the work environment.

1. Shut Off Electronics at Night

Turning off all of the electronics, lights, and heat overnight when no one is in the office can result in significant savings over time. Some offices have a Green Jar as green office initiatives that employees are required to put some money in if they forget to switch off their personal office electronic items before they leave for the day.

2. Eco-Friendly Office Products

You may not be able to afford to replace all of the office appliances and products with eco-friendly and energy-saving alternatives, but every little bit helps. As items need to be replaced, green replacements should be considered. More efficient electronics is a great and reasonably affordable way to start transforming the office into a more eco-friendly environment.

3. Renewable Energy Systems

The current focus and attention on using renewable energy sources to power residential and commercial properties has made a wider range of more affordable options to install energy-saving operational systems to increase office sustainability in your workspace.

4. Thermostat Control

Some office managers believe that keeping the workspaces cooler will lead to higher productivity from their employees. The problem with that strategy is that it runs the HVAC system in the building more often, using more energy and creating more wear on the heating and cooling units. Even slight adjustments to the thermostat control can be one of the green initiatives in your office that will save energy and money on monthly utility bills.

5. Add Plants

Bringing in plants for individual workspaces and common areas will not only brighten up the office but can also assist in improving the overall air quality of the building, providing much-needed infusions of oxygen into the air. Adding plants to your office is the most literal of the common green tips for the office to become more eco-friendly. Having live plants can also have a positive effect on the mood and attitude of the employees resulting in a more enjoyable and productive workplace.

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