5 Business Ideas for Your Vacant Land 

You are looking at purchasing a piece of rural vacant land as a long-term commercial real estate investment with the gold of figuring how to make money off land development or sales. What you can do with it will depend on several factors such as location, nearby development, and the terrain and topography of the empty land you are purchasing.

Many investors purchase vacant land as a long-term investment to leave as empty land to hold onto and pass on to future generations in the family. Others have visions of using the property to make a profit right away by developing the land into a useful purpose that will draw customers in.

5 Innovative Ideas for Rural Vacant Land to Turn a Profit

Depending on the size of the land and the local land use regulations, there are many ways to make good use of the property in hopes of determining how to make money off land ideas. The following are some creative ideas on ways to develop empty land you have or are considering purchasing.

1.          Campground, RV Park

If your vacant land is large, spacious, and nestled in the middle of nature complete with nearby water and hiking trails, it can be put to good use reasonably easily as a campground and/or RV park. There would be a minimal amount of buildings to construct and maintain. It can be especially profitable is the land is located near a tourist area or directly off a main thoroughfare or interstate.

2.          Wind, Solar Energy

There are not many industries today that are as hot as the wind and solar energy businesses. Converting land into a renewable energy farm mining solar or wind energy is a potentially profitable way to contribute to renewable energy focus in society. Wind farms require the purchase and upkeep of wind turbines. Solar panels will need to be installed to collect energy from the sun’s rays.

3.          Self-Storage Lots

Self-storage facilities can be used to turn a profit on vacant land with little maintenance or upkeep required. Long-term and short-term storage contracts can be offered for a wide variety of storage unit sizes.

4.          Easement Access

If the land can provide easier access between towns or connecting main thoroughfares, an easement access fee can be paid to allow permission to use the property as a short cut for a predetermined fee.

5.          Golf Course

With enough land and the right architect, a golf course can be built out of many different types and styles of landscape and topography. It is an expensive and time-consuming venture but can pay off big dividends if done in the right location and designed and constructed by the right people.

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